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Australia's first rehearsal - mixed reviews

Our 2018 entry Jessica Mauboy completed her first rehearsal on the Eurovision overnight.

You can watch the 30 second snippet of her performance below:

Wearing a purple dress and accompanying light show behind her, one thing everyone can agree on is that Jess personally performed the heck out of it.

She exudes energy and her vocal is strong and she will sell the song to the camera and audience alike.

There have been mixed reviews however on the staging. Jess is out there completely on her own - no back up singers visible on stage, no dancers and no big effects other than pyro flames towards the end.

There were issues with camera shots, but that is what first rehearsals are all about (Dami did have the same issue, let's not panic).

The review from Wiwibloggs reflected this with some positive takes, some negative but still a whole lot of hope things can be tightened up (watch below).

The one emerging theme from the press centre is that it's a good performance but not a 'winning' performance. The odds have somewhat reflected this, Australia dropped from 3rd to 7th after the performance.

We are reserving judgement as 30 seconds of a first rehearsal can't give us a true insight on the finished product.

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