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Aussie Eurovision fan of the week - Benjamin

Our Eurovision fan of the week from Australia is Benjamin - also known as @swedishfanboyy on Tiwtter. That name will make more sense if you read his full Q&A with us below.

What is your name and where are you from? My name is Benjamin-Nicklaus and I am from the land down under (or you could say top of the scoreboard) Australia. My parents come from Sweden. Tell us something interesting about yourself. I'm a championship debater and have won several trophies for my public speaking. I'm super competitive (and surprisingly flexible). I can actually bend my arm all the way around my head and neck and give myself a high five. Plus, I can bend my fingers so far back the touch the back of my hand. It freaks everyone out.

That is kind of freaky but a skill nonetheless ~ Aussievision On to Eurovision itself - when did you first get into the contest? I had watched a few of the contests back in the day (2007-2010 on and off), but I truly got 'into' the actual spectacle that is Eurovision in 2015 during our first participation. I vividly remember having arguments with my friends and family over wanting Latvia to win instead of Sweden. Didn't go down well in my household to say the least! Do you have a favourite Eurovision year? Why is it your favourite? This is a tie between 2015 and 2016 easily. In the case of 2015, each and every song was just amazing. I loved the theme music and graphic design and just adored the whole event not only for it's inclusion of Australia, but also it's blending of the old with the new. It's just amazing. As for 2016; oh boy! Literally EVERYTHING from the costuming, staging, stage, graphic design, logo, hosts, songs, E-V-E-R-Y T-H-I-N-G was impeccable. Seeing Dami come second was the cherry on top. I felt so patriotic towards both of my nationalities. It was amazing.

Two stunning years in a row Which Eurovision song: Is your favourite? Kind of a weird selection, but my all-time favourite is "No Prejudice" sung by the AMAZING Pollapönk for Iceland in 2014. It's just so cheerful and represents everything Eurovision should be. This song is followed close by by Euphoria of course.

Oh wow interesting choice, but fun song!

Is overrated? UKRAINE 2013! I cannot for the life of me (quite controversially) understand it's appeal. I mean, sure, her vocals were amazing and the staging was good but the song. This is followed very closely by Azerbaijan's song that year; they were just so dated and cheesy. I mean, I love a sweet cheesecake, but only if it's delivered by a good-looking Belarusian man, not some 2008 teen idols (I'm getting too savage I'll stop).

Ummm. What? Zlata and Farid both had amazing songs. Bye. Was robbed? UUUUUUHHHMMM! FINLAND 2014! I mean, that song and performance was just amazing. So contemporary and catchy. How it didn't end up in the top 5 astonishes me. That and Armenia 2017! Artsvik was robbed of an easy top 10. The list goes on.

Yes great choice, I love that song - deserved better than 11th ~Mike Had the best live performance? "Heroes" by Måns of course. Not only was his vocals flawless, his staging is so innovative and full of life. Nothing like that had been done before, and to this day hasn't met that perfection that it is. Did you last play? The acoustic version of City Lights. I blame Henri for getting me addicted recently. Is your guilty pleasure? "I Am Yours" by the Makemakes. This song was criminally underrated. It's actually such a jam, and it's embarrassing that it received 0 points. What does that say about my music taste? I'll leave that to the trolls.

I love that song as well, much better than people make out and definitely didn't deserve nul points! ~ Dale Any other interesting honourable mentions? Justs "Heartbeat" for Latvia in 2016 was written by Motzart himself! What a great song that's also underated. My least favourite song of all time I hear you ask? Croatia 2017. If the entirety of 2017 in my opinion wasn't bad enough, Croatia had to seal the deal and give us tacky LED's and awful lyrics. The concept wasn't funny enough to captivate me. It was just boring and off-putting. That's the tea.

Ha both cracking songs but for very different reasons - great choices again! Which songs do you like for the 2018 competition? FRANCE, BULGARIA, CYPRUS and BELGIUM. If any of these songs win I will be completely happy. This year is amazing, and those 4 songs best depict the brilliance that is Eurovision 2018. Why should or shouldn't Australia be in Eurovision? We're the most European it gets. Not only that, we represent diversity; a diversity that Eurovision seeks to showcase to over 200 million people. Are you happy with the choice of Jessica this year for us and her song 'We Got Love'? I was hyped for Ricki Lee to come in an snatch the Eurovision trophy, but Jess is more than qualified to do so as well. The song is such a shift from last year's Trainwreck, and it actually has the potential to do very well. Whilst it is somewhat generic, Jess remedies this through her vocal talents and ability to transform a stage into more than just that. If I have to give it a score, 9/10 it is from me. Favourite Australian song? It's a 3-way tie between Sea of Flags, Sound of Silence and We Got Love. All spark that sense of pride in me, and we love a good female vocalist.

That's cheating - naming three songs! Anything else you'd like to share? If you want Eurovision to be taken to the next level in 2019, vote France in the final. They are capable of hosting a massive event, and their song deserves to be heard across the globe.

Well we shall see how it goes, thanks for your time Benjamin!

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