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SBS announce prime time changes to broadcast coverage

Australia's Eurovision broadcaster SBS announced the coverage of the 2018 contest today with some changes to primetime coverage.

Previously SBS had shown replays of the two semi finals on the Friday and Saturday night before the Grand Final replay on Sunday night.

This year the semi finals will be shown prime time on the day they occur.

Eurovision 2018 coverage below:

Wednesday 9 May

Semi final one

5:00am (AEST) - Live coverage

7:30pm (AEST) - Replay

Friday 11 May

Semi final two (Australia competes)

5:00am (AEST) - Live coverage

7:30pm (AEST) - Replay

Sunday 13 May

Grand Final

5:00am (AEST) - Live coverage

7:30pm (AEST) - Replay

This means there will be no semi final replay on the Saturday night this year. But don't despair SBS have served three shows over the week to go alongside the contest coverage. They are:

Saturday 5 May

8:30pm - Eurovision Top 40 songs (a replay of last year's countdown of the best 40 Euovision songs of all time)

Thursday 10 May

7:30pm (AEST) - Destination Flavour Eurovision

An Adam Liaw hosted show which will show how the people of the European diasporas celebrate the contest with food and drinks.

Saturday 12 May

7:30pm (AEST) - Eurovision Top 40 Controversies

Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey count down the top 40 controversies of Eurovision with international comedians and other celebs.

So there you have it, a HUGE amount of television to celebrate Eurovision 2018.

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