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Ireland release same-sex music video for their Eurovision entry

Ireland released their Eurovision entry this week accompanied by a music video featuring a couple walking through the streets of Dublin together on a night out.

The song 'Together' is by Ryan O'Shaughnessy who has previously competed on Britain's Got Talent and The Voice Ireland.

Now a couple walking around Temple Bar in Dublin is far from ground breaking, except the couple in question were both males.

Now Eurovision itself has a wealth of LGBTIQ fans and a number of artists from the community have competed including Conchita Wurst, Dana International and Douwe Bob.

The difference with this representation of a same-sex couple is that it doesn't tie back to the artist himself and it wasn't even included in the official announcement from Irish broadcaster. RTE said of the video:

Speaking about the video, which sees a young couple strolling through the streets of Temple Bar, O'Shaughnessy said: "It was amazing seeing the video come to life in the way it did, sticking with the original concept that love is universal and there are testing moments in every relationship.

This kind of representation without fanfare is a huge step forward for the LGBTIQ community and although RTE didn't make a big deal, we will. Well done RTE and well done Ireland.

The song itself itself is 27th in the betting at 67-1 so this may end up being the most memorable part of it. Ireland have not made the Eurovision Grand Final since 2013.

Ireland will compete in the first semi final at Eurovision on Tuesday 8 May. If they make the grand final they will compete again on Saturday 12 May.

Ireland legalised same-sex marriage after a public referendum delivered a yes result on 22 May 2015. The same day as the Eurovision final that year.

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