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Norway Melodi Grand Prix - Our 'normal' jury results

We have put together a group of regular people who aren't as crazy about us or the fandom in general. We are giving them a couple of songs each week to choose between and add some comments. This week it was Norway's turn and the head to head was...

Aleksander Wallman 'Talk to the Hand' vs Rebecca with 'Who We Are'

and the winner was....


5 votes to 1

Comments on Rebecca

I like this!

Didn't like it

Anthemic and I'm sure would sound amazing on stage, I hope it gets selected for that reason. The last 30 seconds gave me goosebumps.

A bit Leanne Rimes-esque - great chorus, would need a good production to go with it

Awful. like... is it even a song?

Catchy from the first play.

Comments on Aleksander


Can't understand a word he's saying. There's actually no redeeming elements of the song.

He can't even sing

Fun but without being ridiculous. I could see this one being a really fun performance on stage

Aleksander is marginally better

With so much buzz around the songs of Alexander Rybak (That's How You Write a Song) and Ida Maria (Scandilove) we also got them to choose between these two.

And the winner was....


4 votes to 1

Comments on Ida Maria

Just brilliant, again, I kinda hope this gets selected just to see it performed on stage. So much fun and the lyrics are hilarious. It's fun pop perfection


I actually love this one. It's a nice upbeat - I could deffo see me dancing to this one - I'll be humming this one all day

Hands down the better song. Catchy from the get go.

Much more Eurovision

Comments on Alexander

I dont like it.... but its competent albeit charmless

Nice enough, but nothing special, and it just couldn't compete with Scandilove. The tune itself also felt a little dated

Its like a half time performance without the humour

It's a bit of a non-song but it's a nice tune. I'm sure it's definitely a piss take song.

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