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International fan of the week - Lisa from the UK

Our international fan of the week is Lisa from the UK otherwise known as @birdy87 on Twitter.

Check out her answers to our Eurovision questions below:

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Lisa and I live about as inland as it gets in the UK, near Burton-on-Trent, which is famous for the brewing industry and Marmite.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I studied History and Heritage Conservation in university, which feeds into my main non-Eurovision passion of genealogy. I've been researching my family history since 2005.

When did you first get into Eurovision?

I grew up in the pub trade, so I was exposed to Eurovision from a young age, as it was one of those main TV events that was shown. I have an early memory of Riverdance, but the main stand out as a child that made me think, ok this is the show for me, was Gina G in 1996. Me and my friends used to perform Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit in the pub and it was one of the first cassettes I bought.

What is your favourite Eurovision and why?

2009 easily! The stage was immense and we had that interval with t.A.T.u. and the pink tank. But mainly so many ethnic bangers - Dum Tek Tek, Balkan Girls, Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl), Jan Jan, Always, Hora Din Moldova. But my winner and still one of my favourites of all time is Rändajad. It also helped that it was a rare year in recent history when the BBC were woke and we came 5th!

Agree a fantastic year, I was living in the UK at the time and it was so nice to see you guys go well! ~ Dale, Aussievision

Which Eurovision song:

Is your favourite?

Wild Dances! It spoke to me on so many levels, the trumpet call to arms to start, the ethnic beats, the opening lyric - “Just maybe, I'm crazy!” I was also a massive fan of Xena: Warrior Princess as a kid, so it left an impression. I got addicted to the song from playing GTA IV as well, as Ruslana featured in the game as a DJ on one of the radio stations.

Is over rated?

Fairytale. It really hasn't aged well and it's so cheesy and cringe-worthy. Believe as well, Ani Lorak will always be the real winner of 2008 for me.

Agree on Fairytale but Believe is an amazing winer! ~ Mike, Aussievision

Was robbed?

I could write a book on this question alone! The one that will haunt me to my grave is Love Unlimited. Missing out on qualifying via a tie-break and to an Eric Saade clone still hurts. There was a sweet poetic in Tooji coming last though after that. Yes, I am that bitter!

Had the best live performance?

LoveWave. That performance deserved Best Cinematography at the Oscars! It delivered on everything. The camera work for those 3mins is some of the best I've ever seen, then that breakdown section with the holograms and Iveta oozing Kardashian sass, that outfit too!

That intro is the best intro to a song at Eurovision of all time!

Did you last play?

Requiem. It's one of the only ones of 2017 I still listen to. Is your guilty pleasure? Embrace the guilt I say! We have to go back to 2000 and Sameach for this. None of the group could sing or dance, but I love a disco beat and it went to show that a song with a message doesn't have to be dull.

SNAP! Our Aussie fan of the week said this too!

Any other interesting honourable mentions?

Silvia Night - Congratulations. Ahead of her time and it doesn't get more iconic than being booed both before and after you perform. Daria - Celebrate and Moje 3. I'm a sucker for the made up language songs too like Amambanda and O Julissi.

Do you follow the national finals?

Yes it's the best bit of the season for me! If so have any songs caught your attention so far this year? Fighting For Love in Belarus, Soledad in Latvia, Külm in Estonia, Safari in Romania and Heart of Gold in Malta. My track record is terrible though, so you can expect none of those to win selection!

What do you think of Australia being in Eurovision ?

Australia has broadcast the contest for decades and loves it more than us in the UK, so why not. The more the merrier I say! It goes back to my interest in social history and genealogy as well, Australia is largely made up of European descendants, so it's nice that Eurovision brings that kinship back together in May.

What do you think of our artist this year – Jessica Mauboy?

Jessica is fab! I've been a fan of hers for a long time. She's an experienced performer and having already sort of done it once in Copenhagen will prepare her well for Lisbon. She has a good soul and it's nice for Australia to continue that diversity and sharing cultures at Eurovision with another indigenous artist.

And finally favourite Australian song – Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy?

That's a tough one making me choose between my girls Jess and Dami! It has to be Sound of Silence though. That one will always be special to me as I was in New Zealand when she was announced as Australia's artist, getting on for midnight and I was too shook to sleep! I'd been a fan of Dami ever since watching this humble, innocent looking wallflower with the bombastic voice grow during Australia X Factor.

Thank you for your time Lisa!!!

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