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Three reasons why Ricki-Lee could be Australia's Eurovision artist

After SBS announced on Friday that Australia's Eurovision artist would be revealed on Monday 11 December the rumour mill has been rampant.

Names thrown around have included Jessica Mauboy, The Veronicas, Shannon Noll, Delta Goodrem, Casey Donovan, Samantha Jade and Ricki-Lee Coulter.

But at that stage it was pure speculation. However we now believe there is some compelling evidence that it could be her. Here are our three reasons:

1. Following Eurovision Accounts

Twitter user @SelimQeleQeles discovered that Ricki-Lee's Twitter account has suddenly started following Eurovision related accounts. This was something Isaiah did leading up to his announcement last year.

2. Public statement of intent

Back in November during a Instagram live Q&A she was asked if she would sing at Eurovision Wiwibloggs reported the exchange:

“Will you go to Eurovision next year?”, asked louis_narko.

A grin instantly appeared on the singer’s face.

“Hmmm…”, she mulled, “that would be nice. That would be fun. That would be amazing”.

She then started to share an apparent love for the contest. “I’m a hu…” she began — we’re presuming she was going to say “huge fan”.

And suddenly all ambiguity was thrown out the window, as Ricki-Lee made an unequivocal statement of intent. “Let me at it is all I say. Let me at it!”.

3. She's been recording

Her Twitter account has shown her recording in the studio since at least November. In addition her Instagram account today (Saturday 9 December) has her in the studio stating "Back at it... and you're gonna lose your fucking mind when you hear this one!"

The downside

The other contributing factor is Sony. Previous artists for Australia have all been signed with the company who have also provided some $ towards the entry.

So either Ricki-Lee is bloody good at teasing us and getting some publicity, or she's our artist.

We will find out Monday.

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