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Australian Fan of the Week - Montana

Each Friday we'll be chatting to a fan from Australia and a fan from Europe. First up we have Montana from Sydney. Some of you may know her from Twitter - @montanalauri

What do you do or tell us something interesting about you?

Full time Public Relations student who has absolutely nothing interesting in her life

When did you first get into Eurovision?

2014 but have gone back and watched previous editions

Which is your favourite Eurovision year?

2009, it was full of quite a few quality entries and I still find myself listening to a lot of them now

Which Eurovision song....

Is the best?

Gotta go with the cliche but Sweden 2012 (Euphoria) Is overrated?

Russia 2016 (You Are the Only One) or Italy 2015 (Grande Amore)

Was robbed?

Cyprus 2015 (One Thing I Should Have Done)

Had the best live performance?

United Kingdom 1996 (Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit)

That's interesting why that song, we love Gina G but her vocals were a little off on the night!

Gina G is just memorable as heck and easily the entry everyone thinks of when it comes to the 90s. She put on a show, even if the vocals were dodgy

Did you last play? Austria 2017 (Running on Air)

Is your guilty pleasure?

Cyprus 2015 (One Thing I Should Have Done)

(We're glad you chose that as we were surprised by the robbed answer! :P)

Do you support any other countries other than your own?

Belgium, Austria and Bulgaria because of their extreme high quality of entries lately

Why should Australia be in Eurovision?

Australia have delivered quality entries every single time and put more of an effort into participating than most of the Big 5

Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy?

Cliche again but Sound of Silence

Which Australian artist would you like to see represent Australia in 2018?

Simply only one answer #TeamTheVeronicas

Thanks for your time Montana!

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