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Was the Eurovision 2023 semi-final draw good for Australia?

This morning, Australia was drawn into the second semi-final of Eurovision 2023.

This semi-final takes place the evening of Thursday 11 May in the United Kingdom and the morning of Friday 12 May in Australia.

Knowing which semi-final gives clarity to travellers going to Liverpool for their plans and tickets and for those back in Australia, you know whether to take a day's leave or just leave your morning free of meetings!

But in terms of so-called "friendly" countries voting for us, was this a good draw?

Since the semi-finals at Eurovision this year will be 100% televote, we took a different approach to analysing these results.

We've looked back at how each nation voted for Australia in the televote of Eurovision in semi-finals only.

We compared these results to how the average nation voted for Australia for a fair comparison.

For example, the average nation gave 'We Got Love' 4 points in the televote of 2018 semi-final, so if a country gave us 6 points, that would be higher than average and if they gave us 2 points that would be lower than average.

Looking at the countries in our semi-final, we can categorise them into four groups:

Countries that have voted much higher than average




Countries that have voted higher than average




San Marino

Countries that have voted lower than average






Countries that have voted much lower than average





United Kingdom


Austria (this is the first time they have been in our semi-final).

So what are the positives?

Iceland has been kinder on average in semi-finals than any other nation. Yes, even Sweden (they were only 10th). Drawing them is a real advantage.

As is Denmark who have been our fourth kindest and Belgium who rank 12th.

Armenia is a tough one to judge, they voted for us once giving Isaiah 3 points in 2017 when the average nation gave us 1. They could be put into the "much higher" list but since it was only one time, we put them in the "higher" category.

And finally, we have seven nations in total who have voting more positively than the average nation for Australia.

What about the negatives?

First of all, we have drawn the semi-final that has 16 nations competing meaning we have to beat one more than semi-final 1 which only has 15.

We have also missed out on some countries who have been very kind to us in semi-finals including Israel, Malta, Germany, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Norway and Sweden.

Georgia has been drawn in our semi-final for the sixth time and on every occasion they have voted lower than average for Australia. In fact they rank last in how kind the average nation is to us.

The "big 5" plus Ukraine nations aren't ideal as all three have voted worse than average in semi-finals.

But these stats can be misleading

The UK may have been a bit harsh in semi-finals, but they were one of only three nations to give us televote points in the 2018 Grand Final, plus we share many cultural links.

And Ukraine were one of only two countries to give 'Technicolour' public points in 2021.

It's not just about friendly voting countries

Generally, countries like Sweden and Norway have been very good to us, but they are also very good at Eurovision and generally take a qualification spot!

So it's also about the competition. Will these nations be the biggest competition in their songs or are they entries Australia can get past?

Because ultimately that's what it comes down to. If you have a good enough song and performance, you will qualify.

And let's hope we do again in Liverpool!

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