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Vote for your favourite Dutch Eurovision entries

We were all looking forward to the Eurovision this week in Rotterdam, and for many fans, they were due to be travelling to The Netherlands for the Contest.

The event may be cancelled this year but that won’t stop us from celebrating everything that’s Dutch during Eurovision week!

In honour of this years host country, The Netherlands, we are conducting a poll looking for your top 10 favourite Dutch Eurovision entries from 1956 to 2020.

You will get to vote out of all the 62 of their songs.

The list includes five Eurovision winning songs, making The Netherlands one of the top six most successful Eurovision countries based on Eurovision wins.

Their record equals France, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom and are only beaten by Sweden who have six wins and Ireland who have an impressive seven wins.

The Netherlands are also only one of seven countries to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest since the inaugural 1956 Contest, with a total 60 Eurovision appearances since.

All we ask is you choose your top 10 their entries 2020 to 1956 and vote only once. The voting system will be like Eurovision with 12, 10 and 8 points for your top three selections and 7 points to 1 point for your remaining top 10.

You can find a recap of all 1956 to 2016 entries here:

You can find the entries from the last four years here:





Voting will end and be revealed on Tuesday May 12.


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