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Ukraine National Day: Aussievision votes for our top Ukrainian entry

Celebrated annually to commemorate their independence - August 24 marks the main national holiday in the Ukraine. In true Aussievision style we've done what all good Eurovision fans do and decided to rank our favourite entries from the Eastern nation!

Points have been allocated by our lovely team members using the usual Eurovision score system of 12, 8, 10 etc. - without further ado here are the results:

1. Verka Serduchka - 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai' (64 points)

12 points: Cooper, Kyriakos & Emma

A memorable fan-favourite and consistent place-getter in Aussie fan polls it is't surprising to see the mirror-clad Verka storm to first in our polls. Unfortunately not quite as lucky on the stage coming a very commendable Runner-Up in the 2007 contest.

Kyriakos: 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai' has to be one of the most epic performances in Eurovision and has stood the test of time, and in hindsight should of won Eurovision 2007!

Emma: Everything I love about Eurovision...catchy song, OTT costumes and larger than life performers.

Cooper: Truly is the song you think of when you say Eurovision. Dancing is such a fun and weird song that is etched in Eurovision history

2. Zlata Ognevich - 'Gravity' (63 points)

12 points: Liv & Steve

This eye-catching performance had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it and what a wonderful result we were given. The beauty finished a very strong third in the 2013 edition of the contest.

Steve: A Bonkers Disney Feast I’ll Never Forget

Liv: Easily in my Top 3 favourite Eurovision entries of all time - if not my #1. For MONTHS I would stand on a stool in my bedroom pretending to be on that rock like Zlata and act out her choreography. Honestly something about this just makes me feel like a boss b*tch. Stunning, amazing, sublime, wow.

3. Ani Lorak - 'Shady Lady' (56 points)

10 points: Liv

For a solid 3 minutes every wig in Belgrade was cleanly obliterated. It's not often a performance oozes this much attention and sass but it certainly was well received in 2008 finishing a strong second.

4. Svetlana Loboda - 'Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)' (51 points)

12 points: Fleur

Fleur: It had everything. I just love it and I am not ashamed to say so. Underrated classic.

5. Ruslana - 'Wild Dances' (46 points)

12 points: Guy

Guy: Wild Dances is one of my favourite ethno-bangers. The performance had so much energy and Ruslana killed it live. Still goes off at any Eurovision party when it’s played.

6. Go_A - 'Solovey' (45 points)

10 points: Fleur

7. Mariya Yaremchuk - 'Tick-Tock' (42 points)

10 points: Guy

8. Melovin - 'Under the Ladder' (38 points)

8 points: Liv

9. Jamala - '1944' (37 points)

12 points: Miles

Miles: Almost the perfect Eurovision winner - a distinct language, a story unique to the country singing it, fascinating and gobsmacking vocals, and brilliant staging. Can't believe anyone is upset that Dami lost to this.

10. Gaitana - 'Be My Guest' (23 points)

10 points: Emma

Special shout out to 'Hasta la Vista' which was contributor Adrian's douze points which narrowly missed out on the hotly contested list.

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