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The Voice Australia - Johnny Manuel goes through to the Play-Offs

Tonight's episode of The Voice Australia opened with the dramatic conclusion to the epic battle between Johnny Manuel (member of Bulgarian Eurovision 2018 group Equinox), and Bukhu Ganburged aired in last night's episode.

At the end of last night, we saw Johnny and Bukhu standing awkwardly on stage as the coaches argued over whether their battle had been fair. Tensions flared and Kelly Rowland was so enraged that she dramatically walked off set after a heated argument with fellow coach Guy Sebastian.

Fortunately things resolved themselves quickly tonight with Kelly agreeing to move on and let it go after an off-set discussion with the show's producers and fellow coach Delta Goodrem. Once all coaches were back in their chairs, Guy announced that whilst Bukhu represented his gift so beautifully on all levels, the show suited somebody like Johnny and he was selected as the artist to proceed through to the next round.

Johnny admitted afterwards to show co-host Renee Bargh that he felt a little overwhelmed and emotional after the battle, but gave a special thank you to Bukhu and said they had both worked really hard on their performance. Coach Guy Sebastian apologised to both artists once both were backstage and in a moment that wasn't aired, Johnny has revealed that Kelly also took time to express regret about taking the moment away from the artists.

We can now look forward to seeing Johnny in the Play-Offs where each coach pairs their artists into four groups of two with each artist singing a different song. Can he make it all the way to the finals? We'll have to wait and see!


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