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Steps release new album featuring three Melodifestivalen covers

British supergroup Steps have released their seventh studio album, ‘What the Future Holds Pt. 2’ overnight, surprising Eurovision fans by featuring covers of three Melodifestivalen hits.

Melodifestivalen is Sweden's long running and extremely popular national show that selects their Eurovision entry.

The three covers are of Mariette’s ‘A Million Years’, Lina Hedlund’s (formerly of group Alcazar) ‘Victorious’, and an acoustic cover of Jenny Silver’s ‘Something in Your Eyes’.

Steps had previously released a full pop version of 'Something in Your Eyes' in 2020.

‘A Million Years’ is by far the most successful of the three Melodifestivalen singles, with Mariette’s original performance of the song placing fourth in the Melodifestivalen 2017 final, and winning the OGAE Second Chance Contest that same year for Sweden.

The OGAE Second Chance Contest is a competition to find the best song that didn't win their Eurovision national selection show of that year.

‘Victorious’ also made it to the final on Melodifestivalen 2019, while ‘Something in Your Eyes’ was knocked out during the Andra Chansen (or second chance) round in 2011.

Despite covering three hits from arguably Eurovision’s most popular national final, Steps most likely won’t be making an appearance at the contest.

Faye Tozer said during an interview with the BBC that Steps most likely won’t be competing at Eurovision any time soon.

“We have a split camp, I’m afraid. Although there’s one person that would really like to do it. But to actually do it as a band is not something that I personally want to take on.”

That one member of the quintet who would love to take part is H.

“It’s just a huge, joyous celebration of all things pop and I adore it. You shouldn’t take it too seriously – but now it’s more of a political contest than a song contest.”

Meanwhile, Claire Richard can see both sides of the argument, why Steps could do well at the contest, but why it could also come at a massive risk for the group.

“The thing is, I can see why people would want us to do it. But I think, because of the legacy that we have in the band, I wouldn’t want anything to bring us down from there.”

But Faye’s further commentary on the situation essentially seals the deal for Steps not taking up the challenge.

“In an ideal world, everybody has this vision of Steps, going to Eurovision and being the perfect act, with the perfect song, and we turn it around for the UK. But I think in reality, it’s just never, ever going to happen so it’s weighing up whether it’s worth that risk to us or not.”

So despite Steps ever unlikely to make the Eurovision stage we can enjoy their homage to Sweden's Melodifestivalen.


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