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Songs released for Latvia's National Final Supernova 2020

Today Latvijas Televïzija (LRT) announced the 26 songs and artists competing in Supernova 2020. Latvia has been using the program as their Eurovision national selection since 2015, replacing Dziesma. The most successful Supernova winner is Aminata Savadogo who finished in 6th place at Eurovision in 2015. The 2020 contestants feature many familiar faces to those who have followed Supernova in the last few years.

Back for the seventh attempt in a row is Markus Riva whose entry 'Impossible' is written by Aminata Savadogo herself. Markus has finished 2nd on two occasions, once in 2015 (behind Aminta) and also last year behind Carousel. Perhaps seven times lucky for Markus?

Also back from last year is fan favourite Edgars Kreilis who finished sixth in both 2018 with 'Younger Days' and 2019 with 'Cherry Absinthe'.

Madara who finished in 3rd place with 'Esamība' in 2018 is also returning as is Samantha Tina who has competed numerous times in the Latvian selection including last year finishing in 7th place.

Aivo Oskis, Miks Durkurs and Toms Kalderauskis are just a few other familiar names.

We'll bring you more on all these artists in due course but you can find all artists and songs (with YouTube videos) below.

Supernova has previously worked on a model of two semi finals with those qualifying for the final via jury and Latvian public televotes. This year a jury will decide the eight to advance based on the audition performances (videos available below) and video popularity. 126 songs were originally received in mid-December and the Grand Final will take place on 8 February (European time - 9 February in Australia).

Below are the full lists of artists with song titles and performances:

Aivo Oskis “Dive Deep”

Alekss Silvers “Again”

Alise Haijama “Me Me Song” 

Annemarija Moiseja “Undo”

ANNNA “Polyester”

Antra Stafecka un Atis Ieviņš “Coming Over” 

Audiokvartāls “Connection” 

Bad Habits “Sail With You”


Edgars Kreilis “Tridymite”

Elizabete Gaile “For You”

Katrīna Bindere “I Will Break Your Heart”

Katrīna Dimanta “Heart Beats”

Laika Upe “All My Roads”

Līva “Not That Important To You” 

Madara “Māras zeme”

Maia “Make It Real”

Markus Riva “Impossible”

Miks Dukurs “I’m Falling For You” 

Rūta Ķergalve “Izgaismots”

Sabīne Blūma Blūmane “Beauty Will Save The World” 

Samanta Tīna “Still Breathing”

Seleste “Like Me”

Shanti “Voices In My Mind”

Signe un Jānis “Inner Light”

Toms Kalderauskis “Be My Truth”


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