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Serbia: Pesma Za Evroviziju 24 Semi-final 2 results

Semi-final 2 of Serbia's Eurovision national final Pesma Za Evroviziju has wrapped this morning Australia time. Another eight songs were selected from fourteen semi-finalists to compete in the final which will take place this Saturday, March 2 (Sunday March 3 in Australia). One of the entrants that qualified was Konstrakta who previously represented Serbia at Eurovision in 2022 with 'In corpore sano'.

Each of the finalists were chosen by 50% jury and 50% public voting.

The eight songs that qualified are:

  1. Iva Lorens - 'Dom'

  2. Zejna - 'Najbolja'

  3. Nemanja Radošević - 'Jutra bez tebe'

  4. Džordži - 'Luna park'

  5. Dušan Kurtić - 'Zbog tebe živim'

  6. Teya Dora - 'Ramonda'

  7. Konstrakta - 'Novo, bolje'

  8. Milan Bujaković - 'Moje tvoje'

The following songs were eliminated:

  1. Nadia - 'Sudari'

  2. Hydrogen - 'Nemoguća misija'

  3. Filip Baloš - 'Duga je noć'

  4. Yanx - 'Kolo'

  5. Kat Dosa - 'Tajni začin'

  6. Durlanski - 'Muzika'

Iva Lorens - 'Dom'

Zejna - 'Najbolja'

Nemanja Radošević - 'Jutra bez tebe'

Džordži - 'Luna park'

Dušan Kurtić - 'Zbog tebe živim'

Teya Dora - 'Ramonda'

Konstrakta - 'Novo, bolje'

Milan Bujaković - 'Moje tvoje'

Where to watch final

The final of Pesma Za Evroviziju '24  will be streamed live at the following times:

Central European Time: Saturday 2 March - 9pm

AEDT (NSW, VIC, QLD & ACT): Sunday 3 March - 7am

QLD: Sunday 3 March - 6am

SA: Sunday 3 March - 6.30am

NT: Sunday 3 March - 5.30am

WA: Sunday 3 March - 4am

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