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Scott from Voyager reveals who he'd like to see represent Australia at Eurovision

Voyager guitarist Scott Kay has revealed to Reddit Eurovision the Australian acts he'd like to see at Eurovision.

His comments came after a Reddit discussion on What happened to Australia in Eurovision?

The thread posed the question that Australia had started well but perhaps wasn't doing as strongly as in previous years.

Scott weighed in on the debate saying he'd like to see more touring musicians.

"We’ve (Australia) landed pretty well since being in the comp, but one thing I would love to see more of from us (and I’ll admit I’m biased), are touring musicians/bands, rather than TV music competition celebrities," he said.

"A lot of the past entries have been artists who’ve done TV, but very little if any actual tours or live venue shows. It’s no knock on them as musicians; they’re all phenomenal, but it’s not the same universe that Voyager has existed in for its life. In fact, this is the one distinction I noticed more than anything: the TV world has practically zero crossover with the music world in Australia."

The acts he wants to see at Eurovision

When fans asked who he'd like to see compete, he provided a list of names:

Hiatus Kaiyote


Meg Mac

Birds of Tokyo

Dean Lewis


Lime Cordiale

He did add: "There's a pretty thriving pop scene here too, but it's not really my scene to recommend. There's an endless pool of talent coming from the gigging scene that gets overlooked in my opinion."

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