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Podcast: Interview with Australian delegation on Rotterdam travel cancellation and more

In a special Aussievision podcast episode we chat with the Australian Eurovision delegation about this week's announcement that Montaigne and the team won't be travelling to Rotterdam for Eurovision.

We touched on the decision not to go with Josh Martin, SBS Commissioning Editor and Australian Head of Delegation, saying in the interview that,

"We're incredibly sad... mainly for Montaigne, two years in a row she doesn't get that chance to have that experience.. .There's no one reason, you can't pin it on any one reason, we did an extraordinary amount of work... (we looked at) what are the challenges we need to overcome.... and there was quite a number of challenges to get from this side of the world to the other side of the world in the middle of a global pandemic.

It's just about understanding the complexities of the situation, we are as sad and disappointed as the fans"

Paul Clarke, the Creative Director in the delegation and Director of Blink TV, told us that,

"We are hugely disappointed, we worked so hard to make it happen and look at a pathway where we could be safe...It's been a mutual decision with the network, our production company and Montaigne and her management.

For Montaigne, I have no end of respect, she is such an original and it's so difficult, this is two years this has happened, my heart really goes out to her."

We also chat about the live-on-tape performance and what to expect, the programming and challenges in the month ahead as well as the process of selecting 'Technicolour' and the future of Australia Decides.

Listen to the podcast for the full details and interviews:



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