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Montaigne releases her first song since Eurovision 2021, 'My Life Is Better With You'

Australia’s 2020/2021 Eurovision entrant Montaigne, has officially released her latest new single, 'My Life Is Better With You'.

Montaigne first dropped the hint back on 5 July that something was on its way and asked fans to follow her on Spotify so they can listen to her newest song. This is Montaigne’s first offering post Eurovision!

'My Life Is Better With You' has actually been written for the podcast 'My Brother, My Brother & Me. If you have never heard of this podcast, it is a creation by three brothers (obviously!) and is best described as a “comedy advice show”.

Back in March 2021, Montaigne featured as a guest on the podcast talking about her journey to Rotterdam and a snippet of this song was also first revealed!

There has been an outpouring of love for Montaigne after not being able to travel to Rotterdam and then not qualifying for the grand final in May.

“Babes, look. I knew this would happen. We were at a severe disadvantage,” she wrote. “But it’s okay! I’m proud of the song and glad I got to share it with you on the Eurovision stage.”

In other news for Montaigne, unfortunately thanks to COVID (again!) she has had to reschedule two dates in upcoming tour in Sydney and Melbourne. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you nab yours before they are all sold out!

'My Life Is Better With You' is available now on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.


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