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Montaigne gives update on her Eurovision 2021 song

Montaigne has talked about her continual progress on her Eurovision 2021 entry for Australia during a new broadcast on her Twitch channel @actualmontaigne over the weekend.

When asked during her latest Twitch broadcast how her Eurovision song was going Montaigne responded:

“I don’t know if my Eurovision song is ready. We’re still working on it. Still fishing for options I guess. I have an entry that I think would be great, but it’s important to get the full view of things.”

But what is more exciting is that Montaigne revealed that she working on her Eurovision song this week, and thats it is on its way:

“I am working on my Eurovision song, so it’s coming, I’ve got a session tomorrow and a session on Tuesday.”

We are super excited and cannot wait to see what Montaigne has in store for her Australian Eurovision entry!

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