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Melodi Grand Prix 'last chance' round - the Aussievision team's rankings

The semi-finals of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix are over and we now have the five winners who will join the six pre-qualified acts in the final.

However, there is still one more spot up for grabs.

One of the 15 acts who lost out in the semi-finals will earn their spots in the 'Sistesjansen' or 'last chance' round.

The wildcard show will screen on Monday evening (Tuesday morning in Australia) with 15 acts shown again.

They won't be performing however, their semi-final footage will be shown to viewers.

So who should get the wildcard? The Aussievision team had our say with members picking their Top 5 and this was the result.

The Aussievision team wildcard goes to:

1. Ole Hartz - 'Vi er Norge' (124 points)

Half of the 16 team members gave him the maximum 12 points, and 14 of the 16 had him in their Top 5.

Liv: "This Fairytale-Lite Sea-Shanty-esque bop really deserves a second chance - there are some amazing anthemic elements and it warms the soul. The staging needs more beefing up and some kind of narrative is probably too much to ask for but I rate it regardless."

Laura: "During the week of Semi-Final 3, I was torn trying to choose between 'Vi er Norge' and 'Witch Woods' as my winner of the semi-final. While I'm glad 'Witch Woods' made it through, this lively sea shanty-meets-soccer anthem also deserves to have a spot in the final because it's fun, full of energy, and certainly stands out from the other songs already in the final. From the Norwegian language, choreography and costumes, to the violin solos, catchy anthemic chorus, and Ole Hartz's excellent live vocal delivery, all the elements of 'Vi Er Norge' combined make for a final-ready performance."

Fleur: "I really like this song and the final is missing a Nordic sea shanty. Maybe not the greatest staging, but I am willing to overlook that."

Alyce: "This was my winner of that semi, and to say I was devastated when it lost in it’s first round duel would be an understatement! This song is hella catchy, but the staging really let it down in it’s semi I think. Hopefully it’s second time lucky for this song."

Dale: "Even though I didn't love the staging, this is still the standout song in this group. It's fun, it's anthemic while still having a nod to traditional Norwegian folk.I think it would make a great addition to the Grand Final line-up."

Emma: "I'm so pleased to see a patriotic sea shanty in MGP this year. It stands out a mile over the other three entries of which I really wasn't a fan. With great production and a catchy chorus this would be a great addition to the final and may pull the votes with the older viewers."

Ford: "This song is still stuck in my head even after it didn't make it direct to the grand final. And that sea shanty sound is still really vibing with me. Here's to hoping it might make it through this time."

Josh: "A game of thrones sea shanty is needed every year at Eurovision!"

2. Jorn - 'Faith Bloody Faith' (82 points)

Three of the team gave this their wildcard:

Steve: "This is a rock-heavy banger with a great musical and lyrical hook in its title. I also love the Eastern elements."

Kyriakos: "Faith Bloody Faith' is still EPIC and needs to be in the final! I still listen to this in my current playlist, and still sounds fresh. Norway give Jorn a second chance please!"

Hugo: "Absolutely love this - great song to belt out on high volume, and quite memorable for a potential Eurovision entry. I didn’t necessarily like/understand the staging in the semi-final, so that may count against him, but this is a clear stand out from the second-chance songs. Lots of others have great studio cuts and are very radio friendly, but this is high impact live."

3. Stina Talling - 'Elevate' (59 points)

Despite not getting 12 points from anyone, six of the 16 members voting gave her 2nd place.

4. Daniel Owen - Psycho (47 points)

Daniel picked up one wildcard from the team and votes from nine members.

Cooper: "Daniel's performance provides the full Eurovision package. Great staging, a catchy song and decent vocals. It has been on repeat since the second semi-final and would fit in well with the qualified eleven. Add this song to the grand final and Norway has a extremely strong show on their hands. "

5. Maria Solheim - 'Nordlyset' (37 points)

Maria picked up one wildcard from the team and votes from 11 of the 16 Aussievision voters.

Mike: "A charming ballad that was well performed and staged. Unfortunately it was in a Heat with 2 other contenders and didn’t get a chance to really shine."

6. Marianne Petha & Mikkel Gaup - 'Pages' (37 points)

Marianne and Mikkel picked up a wildcard from one team member and votes from six more.

Wade: "Great vocals, great backing vocals - and it's a song that holds up despite very minimal staging. If this was in semi finals 2 or 3 I think it would've won."

7. Big Daddy Karsten - 'Smile' (36 points)

Big Daddy Karsten received one wildcard from the Aussievision team with a total of six contributors giving him points.

Guy: "What wasn’t to love about this? A rapping bear in a pink jumpsuit with fluffy ears. The chorus in this song is pure joy, the rap verses work well, and his authenticity (both on stage and off stage) adds to the like-ability of the song. As he says on his web site, he’s “serving sexy bear realness for the world to enjoy”, and it’s been great to have it in the season. "

The rest of the results were:

8. Landeveiens Helter - 'Alt det der' (27 points)

9. TuVeia - 'Bli med meg på gar'n' (26 points)

10. RIVER - 'Coming Home' (20 points)

11. Royane - 'Circus' (14 points)

12. Ane.Fin - 'Walking in my Sleep' (8 points)

13. Beady Belle - 'Playing with Fire' (6 points)

14. Ketil Stokkan - 'My Life is OK' (4 points)

15. Dinaye - 'Own Yourself' (3 points)

The 'Sistesjansen' show will be shown Monday 15 February 8:00pm CET in Norway, which is 6:00am AEDT on Tuedsay 16 here in Australia.

You can watch it via:

The winner will go through to this weekend's Melodi Grand Prix Final.


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