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Melodi Grand Prix Eastern Norway artists announced

Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) have announced the four artists and songs that will compete in the Eastern Norway Semi of Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) this Saturday (Sunday January 19, Australian time).

They are: * JÆGER ‘How About Mars’ * Kim Wigaard og Maria Mohn ‘Fool For Love’ * Rein Alexander ‘One Last Time’ * Tore Petterson ‘The Start Of Something New’

The songs are becoming available on Spotify, you can find them on this playlist.

Anna Jæger is 26 and from Oslo and Asker, but spent her childhood years in Canada and the USA. JÆGER participated in "The Voice" on TV2 in 2017, and A-HA legend Morten Harket was her mentor.

Kim Wigaard Maria Mohn are both vocal coaches in addition to their own careers as artists.

Kim was a semi-finalist in Norwegian Idol, came top 40 in Norwegian The Voice and was most recently a judge in the Norwegian TV show "All Together Now".

Maria graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music and works as a singer, songwriter, pianist, comedian and actor. She sang in the group PUST who was nominated for Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy), in the Norwegian Soloist Choir, has been a vocalist in bands, orchestras, and has shared the stage with

Rein Alexander has lived in Norway, the United States, Iceland, London, Italy and Sweden, both as a student and as a professional. He has received awards at schools such as the Royal Academy of Music and The Reykjavik Academy of Singing and Vocal Arts. In 2003, the Norwegian people voted him all the way to victory in the NRK TV show "Kjempesjansen".

Tore Petterson is known from the NRK TV series "Sofa" and has been a judge in the Norwegian version of 'Dancing with the stars' on Norwegian TV2. In this year’s MGP he participates with the song 'The start of something new' which is written and produced with Knut Bjørnar Asphol, who among other things has produced Alexander Rybak's 2018 Eurovision song 'That’s How You Write a Song'.

The winner of the semi will join Raylee who won the Southern Norway Semi over the weekend along with the five pre-qualifiers for the Final on February 15.

The Solli-Tangen brothers, Didrik og Emil will perform their song during this weekend’s competition. Didrik represented Norway at Eurovision in 2010 and finished in 20th place. Emil was a MGP participant with his band Gromth in 2013. Both brothers are classically trained singers.

NRK will announce the artists and songs for the Western Norway Semi on January 20.


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