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Malta: MESC finalists reveal their music videos and final mixes

This morning, Maltese broadcaster PBS has revealed the music videos and final mixes for the 12 songs competing in MESC 2024 - the Maltese national final for Eurovision.

Having made it through the early audition rounds in October and November last year, the 12 MESC finalists were each given EUR 5,000 to produce a music video and make any necessary changes to the productions of their song. These versions will be much closer to the final product that we can expect to see in Malmo.

Throughout this week, PBS has also been running "MESC week", consisting of interviews with the contestants and teasers for their songs and music videos. Tomorrow morning, there will be a "nostalgia night", where contestants perform old Eurovision songs, before the grand final the following morning where the Maltese representative for Eurovision 2024 is chosen.

Unlike previous years, the grand final will not have a live studio audience and the contestants will instead each be doing a live performance in the PBS studios. The results will still be selected by a 50% jury / 50% televote mechanism.

You can watch the 12 music videos below.

Gail Attard - 'Wild Card'

Haley Azzopardi - 'Tell me that it's over'

Matt BLXCK - 'Banana'

Sarah Bonnici - 'Loop'

Miriana Conte - 'Venom'

Denise - 'MARA'

Erba' - 'Sirena'

Lisa Gauci - 'Breath'

Ryan Hili - 'Karma'

Janvil - 'Man'

Nathan - 'Ghost'

Greta Tude - 'TOPIC (BLA BLA BLA)'

MESC 2024 will be broadcast at 9pm CET on Saturday 3 February in Malta. In Australia, you'll be able to catch it on Sunday 4 February at the following times:

  • NSW/VIC/ACT/TAS: 7am

  • QLD: 6am

  • SA: 6:30am

  • NT: 5:30am

  • WA: 4am

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