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Magnus Bokn wins the Western Norway Melodi Grand Prix semi final

The Western Norway region Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) semi final has been decided and Magnus Bokn has won his ticket to the final. He will now perform in the Melodi Grand Prix final on February 15.

As with the previous semis, the four songs were divided into two pairs. The winners of each pair competed in the Gold Duel where the winner of the semi was then decided by the public via online voting.

In this first semi Magnus Bokn was drawn against Oda Loves You in the first duel, leaving the Nordic Tenors and Hege Berk to battle it out in the second one. Magnus Bokn and the Nordic Tenors qualified for the Gold Duel where Magnus Bokn was declared the winner of the Western semi.

Magnus Bokn was the first performer of the night, delivering a strong performance of his nautical sounding tune ‘Over The Sea’ before Oda Loves You sang her all-love-matters number, ‘Love Who We Love’. Magnus Bokn was revealed as the winner, his strong vocals stood out in his performance and was thus rewarded for his effort.

The second duel started with the Nordic Tenors and their opera-lite ballad ‘In This Special Place’, before Hege Bjerk then gave us a respectable performance of ‘Pang’ in rather interesting purple and orange outfit. The Nordic Tenors won through to the Gold Duel in this round.

Ulrikke Brandstorp performed her song ‘Attention’ before the Gold Duel began. Her vocals are certainly to watch in this ballad. ‘Attention’ was released on Friday.

Magnus Bokn kicked off the Gold Duel, again with a solid performance of ‘Over The Sea’. The Nordic Tenors again delivered ‘In This Special Place’.

Both performances were strong, but the public chose Magnus as their victor.

The artists and songs for the Northern Norway semi will be announced on Monday. Tone Damli will perform her highly anticipated song also. This will be the last semi before the final.


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