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KEiiNO give Brisbane a Eurobanging show

To fly from Oslo to Brisbane takes just over 24 hours - it's a bloody long way to travel.

Of course Australian Eurovision fans are used to this but for European fans and Eurovision artists, it has been a barrier to venturing Down Under.

So there has been a lot of hype among Eurovision fans, both the crazy and the casual, for KEiiNO's national tour. And in Brisbane last night, they weren't disappointed.

Playing on a Wednesday night in Australia's third city was always a risk, and we were a little worried about what the turnout would be, but arriving at The Foundry we were pleasantly surprised to see a buzzing venue with good sized little crowd.

Despite the long journey KEiiNO put on an intimate and energetic performance to get the Brisbane crowd pumping.

'Dancing in the Smoke' got a great response and KEiiNO themselves were surprised with just how many in the crowd knew the lyrics.

'Praying', 'Vil Ha Dig' and a compilation of some of their solo hits (go revisit the 2018 Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix) were for the KEiiNO purists, but there was more than enough for a casual viewer.

Without spoiling it too much, they covered a Eurovision winning song, a Eurovision winning artist and also an Australian classic (that according to Tom Hugo should be 'Australia's national anthem').

But "that" song that everyone was waiting for was the ultimate finale. We all knew the words, we all knew the joik and the floor was literally shaking.

Alexandra was the absolute star and her vocals shone through, Tom was charming and knew how to work the crowd and Fred got huge cheers every time he got his joik on.

Being the first show there were some teething issues. There were a few technical issues at the start, a few lighting issues and a support act DJ who didn't read the room (they played zero Eurovision songs in the long lead up). Also if you are expecting a long set, remember they are a new band and don't have a large back catalogue.

But it didn't detract from having a slightly surreal Eurobanging Wednesday night.

KEiiNO took pics with every single fan including us!

KEiiNO stayed after the show to take photos with every single fan and were a delight to everyone. They also of course thanked Australia for the 12 televote points in Tel Aviv, and that's a big reason we know they are out here.

We certainly hope the tour is a success and it encourages more Eurovision artists to visit.

If you haven't got your ticket yet, get one now and enjoy a little slice of Eurovision.

KEiiNO's remaining shows:


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