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Junior Eurovision 2019 - Spain

Taking out the bronze medal in our Aussievision Team rankings is Spain!

Get details on the song plus our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Melani García, born in 2007 in Valencia, will be representing Spain in Junior Eurovision 2019.

At just 12 years old, she already has a long list of achievements to her name. Her music career began at the age of 8, when she was a part of a local choir and her teacher taught her the Mozart opera “Due pupille amabili". This inspired her passion for opera and classical music.

Her young age has certainly been no obstacle to for her love of music - after she was unable to be admitted to the Music Conservatory due to not being old enough to get in, she decided to teach herself classical music! In addition to singing, Melani plays the violin and is currently studying piano. After winning the Spanish edition of The Voice Kids La Voz Kids in 2018, she has gone on to release two singles: “Vivo Por Ella” and “O Sole Mio” - both covers of famous opera songs. When she is not making music, Melani enjoys rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and contemporary dance, and she has won several sporting awards. 

In the Spanish Junior Eurovision song for 2019, “Marte" (Mars), Melani sings a lyrical song of hope for the planet Earth, encouraging all people to act together to fight climate change. Through the song’s lyrics, she empowers herself and others to change the world by spreading her environmental message far and wide, singing that everyone has a “voice (that) could fly to Mars”.

The Aussievision Team rankings

  • Kyriakos - 2nd

  • Mike - 2nd

  • Fleur - 4th

  • Alyce - 6th

  • Dale - 6th

  • Guy - 6th

  • Aaron - 7th

  • Liv - 9th

  • Emma - 13th

The comments

Melani’s song is the stand out of all the songs with an environmental message and she takes it to another level with her vocal range. She’s out there ready to save the world. The falsettos at the end are a nice surprise and beautiful. This catchy and fresh number is a strong contender to take out the contest. ~Kyriakos

Welcome back Spain! This is an amazing return entry and proves that Spain are back to win. What amazes me most about this entry is that it is essentially an opera song being sung by a 12 year old. To have the talent to sing opera at such a young age is amazing. ~ Alyce

Melani has an incredible vocal range and she uses it all in this song. Maybe a little too much! This should impress a lot of jurors and members of the public. The song itself is good but I'm not sure of its appeal to younger voters. Big chance to win on Spain's return to the competition ~ Mike

Melani has a lovely and correct voice – you can tell she has had a solid vocal education, it really stands out in terms of tone and quality! The song is not my cup of tea – however I was still won over by the passion in her singing and the range of vocals she delivered. ~Liv

Melani has a beautiful operatic voice but I found parts of this over the top, particularly some of the high notes towards the end of the song. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! ~ Emma

Wow, is this girl talented or what!!! What a voice!!! So beautiful and she is only going to get better. The song is another ballad about saving the planet, although it’s more interesting- and dare I say much better than some of the others. It’s been a while since we last saw Spain at JESC. Their record of reaching the top 5 is not in any danger. This could well be their second win. ~ Fleur

There are some really beautiful moments in this song and there is no doubt Melani is an absolute talent. I can appreciate some of the technical aspects of the song but at times, I'm not sure if they work for a Junior Eurovision audience. Saying that this might be that far in front after the jury vote it wins regardless. We shall see! ~ Dale

Great track - could really pack a punch if she can put on a good live performance. ~ Guy

Spain’s decided saving Earth is futile and is advocating space travel? Plot twist. This is the best ballad in this edition. Melani’s vocal is good, and the instrumental builds well when it should. Not a lot of negative – again, an ecological message which might become tiresome but it doesn’t come across preachy. ~ Aaron

Spain at Junior Eurovision

Spain is returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest after a 13-year hiatus, which means that the last time Spain participated in Junior Eurovision, Melani García wasn’t even born yet!

Spain has participated from 2003-2006, winning the contest in 2004, and placing second in 2003 and 2005. After coming 4th in 2006, Spain withdrew from the 2007 Junior Contest, stating that "the Junior Eurovision promotes stereotypes we do not share". Fortunately for Junior Eurovision fans, Spain have decided to make their return to the contest this year for their fifth participation.


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