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Israel has chosen - Eden will perform Fekir Libi at Eurovision 2020

This morning Israel decided which song Eden Alene is going to sing at Eurovision, and 'Fekir libi' won out over 'Roots', 'Rakata' and 'Saviour in the Sound'.

Hosted by Eurovision 2019 host Lucy Ayoub, the show began with a group of singers, which included Eden, singing a medley of previous Israeli Eurovision songs, including ‘Diva’ and ‘Hallejuah’.

2019 representative Kobi Marimi also performed. He performed his song from the 2019 competition Home, but to the tune of previous Israeli Eurovision entries, including ‘Hallejuah’, ‘Diva’ and ‘Toy’.

Viewers were also treated to a performance from Shalva band, who were one of the interval acts at the second semi final of last year’s contest. They performed Netta’s ‘Toy’.

The voting was a bit unique, consisting of 30% televote, 65% jury and 5% on-show judging panel.

The on – show jury voted 'Roots' and 'Fekir Libi' equal first, but after the jury vote 'Roots' had pulled ahead. 'Fekir Libi' easily won the televote to win the overall competition.

Eden won HaKokhav Haba L’Eurovision to become Israel's representative this year, beating out three others in the final.

Despite being only 19-years-old, she has achieved quite a bit in her music career.

She won X-Factor in 2018, and so by winning this won herself a recording contract.

She’s the youngest Israeli representative since Nadav Guedj, and also the first Israeli representative to have been born in the new millennium.

This was the first time since 2016 that the Israeli public were able to help select their entry. Changes were made to the selection process after criticisms were made of the of the previous internal selection process.


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