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Interview: Silvester Belt on representing Lithuania at Eurovision 2024

At 26-years-old Silvester Belt will represent Lithuania at Eurovision 2024 with the entry 'Lultelk'. His hypnotic entry, charming personality and stand-out style have cemented him as a fan favourite of this year's contest.

During the busy rehearsal period, we caught up with Silvester about his thoughts on Lithuanian language representation on the international stage and if 'Luktelk' was always destined to be sung in his native language.

"I think we have a beautiful language and it’s important to be proud of your roots, especially on such a huge stage like the Eurovision Song Contest. So yes, we knew ‘Luktelk’ had to be performed in Lithuanian from the very beginning of the creative process. Once the team and I had a feeling that its sound was ‘Eurovision-worthy’, we tried to look for Lithuanian words and phrases which would be easy to sing along to even for those who have never heard the language before. I am thrilled to see that this is working."

Silvester is a massive fan of Aussie singer-songwriter Troye Sivan and recently covered his Grammy nominated hit 'Rush'. Both artists share fabulous stage-presence, fresh vibes and would make for a great collaboration.

"Troye has been one of my favourite artists for a long time, and he has definitely served as a huge creative inspiration for my work. This year, the Eurovision Song Contest invited us to perform a cover of someone else’s song - I think ‘Rush’ is a real hit, so it was an easy choice."

When it comes to connections to Australia and if he would ever visit...

"No, I have not been to Australia yet. You know, the team and I have joked about becoming the first Eurovision act to physically visit your country during the pre-party season (has anyone done that before?) but it was not possible this time, unfortunately. I do hope, though, that I can visit you guys down under soon!"

Many artists have used performances at the Aussie pre-parties as their opportunity to come down for the first time and we would be delighted to host Silvester! Brooke who represented Ireland in 2022 toured the pre-parties last year and even got acquainted with Australian Rules Football, heading to a match with some of our OGAE members.

Australia is a diverse country with a large Lithuanian diaspora, we asked Silvester if he has a message for his Aussie-Lithuanian fans.

"I want to say a huge 'ačiū’ to all of you around the world and, of course, in Australia, who have shown your support to Luktelk – whether by listening to the track, leaving positive comments, or by urging others to discover our song in Lithuanian (!) for this year’s contest. I feel it now and I’m sure I will feel it in May when I step onto the stage. This support is truly inspiring and I hope we can all dance together on both sides of the screen again soon."

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