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International Podcast Day - The Eurovision podcasts you need to check out

Today is 30 September which is also International Podcast Day!

Aussievision started as a very humble podcast back in 2017 with just an iPhone audio recording and a bottle of wine. We've been really proud to grow the podcast and branch out into a daily Eurovision news site from an Australian perspective.

The Eurovision world is full of many great podcasts and I wanted to highlight just a few of the amazing range out there.

Of course before we get to those, I do want to plug our show which will be coming back very soon! You can listen via Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Links via

So enough about us, let's move on to our colleagues who produce these wonderful shows:

ESC Insight (UK)

This is the trailblazing podcast in the Eurovision sphere. It's a fantastic mix of knowledge and news, particularly during Eurovision season with their weekly show led by the indomitable Ewan Spence. In the off-season they bring storytelling and a personal connection with their Castaways series anchored by the ever passionate Ellie Chalkley. One not to be missed.

The Wind Machine Podcast (Australia)

This isn't your average Eurovision podcast. Friends of Aussievision, Mark and Danie bring an indepth look back at former Contests intertwined with the history of that year and the nations involved. With a great amount of research in every show, you'll learn stuff that you never realised you needed to know.

The EuroWhat? Podcast (USA)

Ben and Mike bring an American perspective on our favourite Contest. With their regular show, they bring a fresh angle from "outside the bubble" but just as much knowledge, engagement and passionate as anyone from across the pond. Their analysis finds a way to talk to both a domestic and international audience. This is one I make sure I catch on every release.

Second Cherry (UK)

Second Cherry is a unique podcast in the fact it take place during the off-season. The ever-knowledgeable Monte and Matt relive the national final season in forensic detail all delivered with typical cheeky British humour. Each episode goes through five of their team's favourite entries from a national final, before choosing a winner for their season finale. There's no better way to look back and discover things you may have missed during the blur of national finals.

Joy Eurovision (Australia)

Out of Melbourne's Joy 949 LGBTQI+ Community Radio Station, Michael, Liam and their team bring the entire Eurovision experience to their listeners. They present a knowledgable and passionate show, delivered with more than a dash of cheekiness. Languages other than English is a particular passion of theirs which continues into their regular 'babblePOP!' show.

12 points from America (USA)

A uniquely American look at Eurovision. Sam, Danny, Erik and Derek take us on a fun journey through their different perspectives and experiences with the Contest. If you like a group with bombastic opinions and robust discussions, this is the podcast for you! If you find us at Aussievision loud, you might want to turn the volume a little for this entertaining group, they're American after all! :p

THAT Eurovision Podcast (UK)

What we love about the Eurovision fandom is how passionate younger audiences are. So we've been stoked to see this group of four start up during the COVID-19 isolation period. Jazzi, Rory, Rosie and Tim cover a range of topics and are never shy with an opinion. If you want to hear the future of Eurovision and a lot of love for Lesley Roy then tune in.

Ultimately there are many more out there with the same drive, passion and knowledge about the Contest. We encourage you all to seek out and search as many as you can.


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