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Hurricane will represent Serbia at Eurovision after winning Beovizija 2020

Serbia have held the final of their national selection show Beovizija 2020 this morning and have selected Hurricane to represent them in Rotterdam. They won comfortably by 9 points after coming out on top of both the jury and televote.

The final results were:

  1. Hurricane – ‘Hasta la vista’ (24 Points)

  2. Naiva – ‘Baš, baš’ (15 Points)

  3. Igor Simić – ‘Ples za rastanak’ (14 Points)

  4. Andrija Jo – ‘Oči meduze’ (11 Points)

  5. Ana Milenković – ‘Tajna’ (11 Points)

  6. Marko Marković – ‘Kolači’ (11 Points)

  7. Neda Ukraden – ‘Bomba’ (9 Pointa)

  8. Bane Mojićević – ‘Cvet sa Prokletija’ (8 Points)

  9. Milan Bujaković & Olivera Popović – ‘Niti’ (6 Points)

  10. Thea Devy – ‘Sudnji dan’ (4 Points)

  11. LIFT – ‘Samo mi kaži’ (3 Points)

  12. EJO – ‘Trag’ (0 Points)

The show was opened with a tribute to the 1990 contest (which was held in Yugoslavia) with Italy’s winning entry ‘Insieme’, Spain’s ‘Bandido’ and Yugoslavia’s ‘Hajde da ludujemo’.

Interval Acts included Marija Šerifović (the winner for Serbia in 2007) and Hari Mata Hari (who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2006).

Hurricane are a group of three female vocalists; Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević. They formed in 2017 and have seen a lot of popularity in Serbia. They went into Beovizija 2020 as one of the top fan favourites. It won’t be the first time at Eurovision for Sanja and Ksenija. Sanja represented Serbia in 2016 with ‘Goodbye (Shelter)’, and Ksenija performed backing vocals for her father Knez on ‘Adio’ in 2015.


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