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Honest Vocal Coach praises Australia's Eurovision 2024 entry 'One Milkali (One Blood)'

Honest Vocal Coach, aka Georgina Hall-Brown, is one of the most popular reactors on Eurovision entries.

The UK-based singing teacher has 265,000 subscribers on YouTube and reacts to the Eurovision entries each year.

This week, she reviewed Australia's Eurovision entry 'One Milkali (One Blood)' and gave it an incredibly positive review.

Georgina was particularly taken with Zaachariaha's voice.

"Both vocals are really good, she has this wonderful belt, there's a soulful, gospel, beautiful feeling to her voice," she said.

The song itself also grabbed the Honest Vocal Coach's attention.

"This is really good, there's a great beat to it, It's quite a bop I've got to say," she said.

Before also adding: "That chorus is so catchy!" and "I really like this, this is a cracking tune"

And finishing with:

"What a tune - yes Australia!"

She was, like many, not convinced by the video but it did mean she couldn't wait to see them on stage, saying:

"I want to see it live now!"

You can watch the full review below:

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