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Galasy ZMesta will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2021 with the song 'Ya Nauchu Tebya'

Overnight it was announced that Galasy ZMesta with 'Ya Nauchu Tebya (I'll Teach You)' will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2021.

The group formed ten years ago when musicians from a band in Baranovichi started collaborating with members of the city’s KVN club. The KVN club is a community of comedians based on the long-running Russian TV show and international comedy competition 'Klub Vesyólykh i Nakhódchivykh'.

The newly formed Galasy ZMesta enjoyed each other's mutual creativity so much that they moved beyond parodying songs and started to compose their own material.

Belarus have been very quiet in the last few months about what their plans are for Eurovision 2021, but that is to be expected due to the political turmoil occurring in the country at the moment as a result of the 2020 election, which has resulted in protests.

The broadcaster announced back in September 2020 that VAL, who were set to represented Belarus at Eurovision 2020, would not be reselected to represent Belarus at Eurovision. VAL had criticised the broadcaster and the relationship between the two broke down.

Belarus have qualified two times out of the last three contests and will be hoping Galasy ZMesta can get them to the Eurovision final in Rotterdam.


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