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Five Australian connections of Eurovision winner Johnny Logan

Many Aussie Eurovision fans know that two-time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan was born in Australia.

However, there are more connections between the Irishman and Australia than that simple fact.

Before he performs as an interval act in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024, we wanted to revisit these.

1. Yes, he was born here!

Johnny Logan was born as Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard in Frankston, Victoria on 13 May 1954.

His father was a singer and was based in Australia when he was born here. The family moved back to Ireland when he was 3 years old.

2. The Eurovision song 'Terminal 3'

After winning Eurovision in 1980, Johnny wrote 'Terminal 3' for the 1984 Contest. Linda Martin was the performer and she finished runner-up at Eurovision.

The song itself does have an Australian connection. In an interview with Jack Lucas Caffrey (above) he revealed his mother's flight from Australia gave birth to the song.

"I was sitting in an airport in London waiting for my mother to come from Australia. In those days all the international planes came into terminal 3 and her flight was delayed. I was looking at the board, flight on time, flight delayed, and to occupy myself I wrote Terminal 3," he said.

Without a delayed flight from Australia, Terminal 3 may never have happened. Linda Martin may not have finished runner-up and you never know, she may never have gone on to win Eurovision in 1992 with 'Why Me?'

3. An Australian mention at Eurovision when he won in 1992

Johnny wrote the song 'Why Me? which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 for Linda Martin.

When collecting the trophy as a songwriter, he sent a message to his parents who lived here.

"To my mother and father, who are going to see this in Australia on Monday, I love you."

4. His family moved back to Australia

Johnny Logan's family returned to Australia and his parents lived out their retirement on the Gold Coast.

"My dad always had a huge passion for Australia, a love for Australia," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Both his parents had passed by 2012 but his younger brother and sister were living in Australia and his three adult sons have dual Irish/Australian citizenship.

5. Commercial success

Johnny Logan's 1987 Eurovision-winning song 'Hold Me Now' was a hit in Australia. It reached no.4 on the singles chart. The single remained in the Top 100 for 35 weeks

After winning in 1987, he decided to take his family to Australia for Christmas to see his parents, where he fondly remembers sitting on the beach and hearing the song realising it had gone global.

Logan also regularly toured Australia during his career.

Bonus: Johnny Logan covered the song 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.'

The song was written by Scottish-Australian Eric Bogle and is about a young Australian servicemen at Gallipoli.

Johnny Logan will perform as an interval act in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024.

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