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First Eight Songs for OGAE Second Chance Contest Revealed

The OGAE Second Chance competition has been going since 1987 and gives fans to vote on their favourite songs that didn't make it out of the national finals to the Eurovision stage.

Each OGAE national club gets to choose a song to represent them and just like Eurovision, each nation's club votes for their favourites (without voting for their own).

Last year France won with Seemone's song 'Tous les deux' with Australia finishing 4th on debut with Electric Fields '2000 and Whatever'.

The French are hosting this year and over the last week have begun revealing each competing song day by day.

The eight confirmed entries so far are:

  • Australia: Jaguar Jonze - 'Rabbit Hole'

  • Ukraine: Khayat - 'Call for Love'

  • Lithuania: Moniqué - 'Make Me Human'

  • Sweden: Anna Bergendahl - 'Kingdom Come'

  • Slovenia: Lina Kuduzović - 'Man Like You'

  • Croatia: Indira Levak - 'You Will Never Break My Heart'

  • Norway: Rein Alexander - 'One More Time'

  • Rest of the World: Senhit - 'Obsessed'

Jaguar Jonze was chosen by the OGAE Australia fan club in a vote among members.

Jaguar Jonze told organisers, "It blows my mind that this is happening, and that the exciting and amazing experience of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' has brought me will continue on and I just wanted to say huge huge thank you to all the Australian Eurovisions fans who voted (for me), I feel honoured."

Among the other eight competing entries is Anna Bergendahl who got the nod ahead of Melodifestivalen runner-up Dotter. Anna finished 3rd last year with her song 'Ashes to Ashes'.

Other fan favourites like Khayat's 'Call for Love', Moniqué's 'Human' and Rein Alexander's 'One More Time', will no doubt draw votes.

The Rest of the World club (which includes all fans which don't have a OGAE club representing their nation) will feature Eurovision 2020 artist with Senhit's song 'Obsession' which lost the head-to-head digital national final against 'Freaky!'.

You can follow which song is released each day on the OGAE Second Chance facebook page.


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