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Eurovision scoring - what fans told us they want to see

In our recent Eurovision Fan Survey we asked 417 fans from over 40 countries their view on the contest.

One question we asked was their thoughts on how the points should be calculating to decide the winner. We had some surprising results.

There is a great deal of debate online about changing the points system, however 60% of fans wanted to keep the voting system we have now. This covered the 50/50 jury/televote split with the points delivered separately.

20% of fans wanted to revert back to the old system, where the 50/50 split points were combined into the delivery of one set of votes.

This method would only have seen Australia win the contest back in 2016. It also had stronger support among Australian fans.

8% of fans wanted to revert to a system that existed in the 2000s, 100% televote. This would have seen wins for 'Grande Amore' for Italy in 2015, 'You are the Only One' for Russia in 2016 and 'Spirit in the Sky' for Norway in 2019.

Just 1% of fans want the old school system of 100% jury vote. This would have seen a win for 'Sound of Silence' in 2016, 'Nobody But You' for Austria in 2018 and 'Proud' for North Macedonia in 2019.

There was however also a sizeable amount of fans (11%) who gave other options. And the vast majority of these options including having both a televote and jury score, but weighting more points (eg 75%) to the televote.

This view was particularly strong among Twitter users and those under the age of 25.

What is clear is that the divisions between the jury and televote are far more public under the new system than the old one. This is causing some confusion and debate, but overall is providing a more exciting TV event. The EBU will need to find the right balance going into the 2020s to ensure the contest remains popular while delivering a system that most find satisfactory.

Right now, fans approve but it will be interesting if that changes over time.


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