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Eurovision loses a legend - Jahn Teigen passes away

Eurovision lost a legend overnight.

Jahn Teigen who represented Norway on three occasions passed away aged 70.

He finished 9th in 1983 and12th with his then wife Anita Skorgan in 1982.

But it his performance in 1978 that he will always be remembered for.

Performing 'Mil Etter Mil' he became the first artist to score 'nul point' under the the then new but now current system of 12 points to 1 voting.

This put him down in Eurovision folkflore and was also the inspiration for the book 'Nul points' by Tim Moore.

Despite it being a 'flop' at Eurovision, it endeared him to the Norwegian public and the song became a huge success.

In addition to Eurovision he competed in Norway's 'Melodi Grand Prix' a total of 16 times.

Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Jon Ola Sand: “Jahn was a truly beloved and respected composer and artist. Over his 5-decade long career he entertained millions not just in Norway but across Europe, in part due to his multiple appearances in the Eurovision Song Contest. I was fortunate to work with him on many occasions and it was always an absolute pleasure. He was a kind and generous man and will be much missed.”

His legacy proves you don't have to win Eurovision to make a long lasting impact.


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