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‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ artist Vanessa Amorosi releases her new EP 'Volume 1'

Australia Decides artist Vanessa Amorosi released her new EP, ‘Volume 1’, overnight, featuring a sound different from what she has previously released. ‘Volume 1’ features six tracks of soul and gospel music, which Vanessa speaks about on her website.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love and passion for Gospel arrangements and counter-melodies, for the past 10 years here in Los Angeles I’ve had the opportunity to work in this genre. If you listen closely you’ll hear hints of this in all my previous work, including my first record from 2000.”

The EP features a 36-second introduction, which was produced and composed by Vanessa, which flows beautifully into the rest of the release, and gives audiences a taste of what Vanessa’s new sound is like. The EP also features a duet with the American Gospel singer Anthony Evans.

“I’m so incredibly excited to finally have you hear the other side of what I love to do and it’s only just the beginning! I has the absolute pleasure of working with American Gospel singer Anthony Evans on our duet ‘God Didn’t Make Us All The Same’. His voice and talent is unbelievable, it is an honour to have him on this record.”

Alongside Vanessa, other composers credited on the release include Rodrigo Bustos (‘You Did A Number On Me’, and ‘Everybody Cries Hallelujah’), and Tony Featherstone (‘God Didn’t Make Us All The Same’, ‘Just Let It Go’, and ‘Ice Cold Heart’).

Vanessa also makes a passing mention on future releases still to come.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into making sure I can continually release this year, and it all starts today with Volume 1.”

Vanessa Amorosi competed in the Australia Decides national final last year with the song ‘Lessons of Love’, where she came second in the jury vote and third in the televote, placing third overall behind Montaigne and Casey Donovan, with a total of 82 points.

Get all links to Vanessa's album here:

Or listen via Spotify below.


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