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Eurovision 2024: Madrid PrePartyES performances

Image: Mircea Georghe

Overnight, many of this year's Eurovision 2024 artists performed at the first pre-party of the year in Madrid.

In total, 28 of the Eurovision 2024 acts took to the Madrid PrePartyES stage including some of the favourites.

Here are some of the key performances:

Odds favourites

Croatia: Baby Lasagna - 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'

Italy: Angelina Mango - 'La noia'

Switzerland: Nemo - 'The Code'

First time seeing live performances

Belgium: 'Mustii - Before the Party's Over'

Austria: Kaleen - 'We Will Rave'

Armenia: Ladaniva - 'Jako'

Poland: Luna - 'The Tower'

More to come as the show is still going

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