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Eurovision 2023 semi-final running order revealed

This morning, the running order of the two semi-finals for Eurovision 2023 was revealed.

Alessandra from Norway with 'Queen of Kings' will open semi-final 1 while Käärijä from Finland with 'Cha Cha Cha' will close.

Reiley with 'Breaking My Heart' from Denmark will open semi-final 2 while Australia's Voyager will close semi-final 2 with 'Promise'.

The full running order for both semi-finals is below

Semi-final 1

  1. Norway

  2. Malta

  3. Serbia

  4. Latvia

  5. Portugal

  6. Ireland

  7. Croatia

  8. Switzerland

  9. Israel

  10. Moldova

  11. Sweden

  12. Azerbaijan

  13. Czechia

  14. Netherlands

  15. Finland

Semi-final 2

  1. Denmark

  2. Armenia

  3. Romania

  4. Estonia

  5. Belgium

  6. Cyprus

  7. Iceland

  8. Greece

  9. Poland

  10. Slovenia

  11. Georgia

  12. San Marino

  13. Austria

  14. Albania

  15. Lithuania

  16. Australia

Want to know if your favourite's position is any good? Check out our statistical analysis on the history of running orders here.

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