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Eurovision 2021 WILL happen - here's the summary

Last night Eurovision 2021 organisers revealed the four different scenarios to ensure that the Contest goes ahead.

Here are the scenarios:

Scenario A

The Contest as we know and love. This will take place in the Ahoy arena with all artists present and packed crowds.

Scenario B

This is a 1.5 meter socially distanced event without travel restrictions. This would see a reduced crowd and reduced events in the Netherlands but all artists present.

Scenario C

Think of this as Scenario B but with travel restrictions. This would obviously see many fans unable to travel to The Netherlands (and a scenario Australian fans may face). It could also see some participants unable to attend live at the Ahoy. They would need to perform from their own country.

Scenario D

This is a full lockdown Contest. No one in Rotterdam, all participants to perform form their own country and no audience in the arena. This is the model Junior Eurovision 2020 is using to hold the Contest this year, and will be one to watch.

Organisers also said a decision on the scenario would "be made based on the situation in the early months of 2021."

Other than the scenarios there was also additional info revealed last night.

The slogan

Organisers also revealed last night that the slogan would be the same (well almost) as last year - 'Open up again'.

The stage

The same stage concept for 2020 will be used for the 2021 Contest if it goes ahead live in the Ahoy Arena.

The hosts

And finally the last announcement was that we'll have the same hosts for 2021.

But what about tickets?

Well until we know which scenario the Contest will take, we won't know the situation with tickets.

If there are fewer tickets organisers have said:

"In the event of fewer tickets being available, it will be determined in the fairest possible way which of the current ticket owners keep a ticket."

And if you lose your tickets because of no live crowd or fewer audience members organisers also say this:

"Ticket holders who do not get to keep their tickets will receive the full purchase cost of their ticket(s) back. In the event that we have no audience, everyone will receive a full refund. The exact capacity of the arena for each scenario is not yet known. Ticket holders will all be personally informed when more information is available."


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