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Eurovision 2021: It's official! Flo Rida arrives in Rotterdam to join Senhit for San Marino

Flo Rida will feature on Senhit's entry Adrenalina PHOTO: SAN MARINO RTV

After months of speculation since the release of 'Adrenalina' back in March featuring Flor Rida, it is official Flo Rida has arrived in Rotterdam. He will feature in Senhit's performance for San Marino, opening the semi final 2 show at Eurovision 2021 .

Flo Rida was popular in Australia back in the late 2000's when his debut single 'Low' featuring T-Pain hit No.1 on the ARIA charts in 2007. He managed to score another three No. 1's in Australia, 'Right Round' featuring Kesha in 2009, 'Wild Ones' featuring Sia in 2011 and 'Whistle' in 2012.

In 2008 Flo Rida featured in Jessica Mauboy's single 'Running Back' reaching No. 3 on the ARIA charts. It was her lead single from her debut album 'Been Waiting'. Jessica Mauboy went on to represent Australia at Eurovision in 2018 with 'We Got Love'.

Over the last few months the was a lot of speculation as to whether Flo Rida would actually be able to make it to Rotterdam and represent the Most Serene Republic of San Marino with Senhit.

Senhit with images of Flo Rida in place of the baroque iconography on her headpiece during rehearsals. Photo: EBU

In an article with Senhit explained:

'Actually when I invited him to join me on the Eurovision stage back in March, the decision was made there with joy. It was not easy to predict the traveling restrictions, but there we go... I'm very happy to have him with me to perform ADRENALINA, not only to Europe but to the whole world! We are ready!'

In the article Flo Rida is responded with:

'What’s up Netherlands, it’s your man Flo Rida! I’m so excited to see you guys at the Eurovision Song Contest. I’ll be hitting the stage with the superstar talented Senhit to perform our new record Adrenalina. It’s such a good feeling to be back in Europe after so long. I’m very grateful to be able to perform once again, and on the biggest stage in the world.'

During rehearsals the Sammarinese delegation had to get special dispensation from the Eurovision organisers, well in advance of rehearsals, to make sure they were able to take the opportunity of including the rapper as part of the performance, should it present itself. During rehearsals in Flo Rida's place as a stand in artist was an Italian rapper.

Senhit will be joined by Flo Rida on the Eurovision 2021 stage on Friday morning at 5.00am AEST in Australia.


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