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Eesti Laul 2020 Semi Final 2 Qualifiers Revealed

Words from: Laura


The second Semi Final of Eesti Laul 2020 has just taken place and the results are in!

Just before the first round of televoting closed, the four jury favourites of the night were announced.

They were:

  • ‘Only Dream’ - INGER

  • ‘Beautiful Lie’ - Jaagup Tuisk

  • ‘I’m Sorry, I Messed Up’ - Uudo Sepp‘

  • Üks kord veel’ - Traffic

The first four qualifiers to be announced after the first round of voting (jury and televote combined) were:

  • ‘Beautiful Lie’ - Jaagup Tuisk

  • ‘Only Dream’ - INGER

  • ‘What Love Is’ - Uku Suviste

  • ‘Üks kord veel’ - Traffic

Uku Suviste

Then, a second round of televoting opened. After the second round of televoting, the final two qualifiers to be revealed were SHIRA with her song ‘Out In Space’ and Uudo Sepp with his song ‘I’m Sorry, I Messed Up’.

These six artists will join Egert Milder, STEFAN, Anett & Fredi, Rasmus Rändvee, Laura Põldvere, and Synne Valtri ft. Väliharf in the Final of Eesti Laul on the 29 February.


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