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Duncan Laurence tests positive for COVID-19

The Eurovision Broadcasting Union (EBU) released a statement tonight announcing Duncan Laurence had tested positive for COVID-19.

The winner of Eurovision 2019 performed at the first semi-final on Tuesday and was due to perform in the Grand Final this weekend.

He will no longer perform live but will "still feature in the show in a different form".

This follows a positive test among the Icelandic group forcing them to miss live performing in the upcoming second semi-final (their rehearsal footage will be used).

The EBU also released this statement on their COVID-19 safety precautions saying,

"A strict COVID-19 health and safety protocol is being applied at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. All those working within the perimeter of the venue must be in possession of a negative COVID-19 test, not older than 48 hours."

"Since 6 April, when the load-in started in Ahoy, over 24,400 tests have been conducted amongst crew, volunteers, artists, delegation members and press. Only 16 of those (0.06%) have returned positive results. In most cases, they were from people who hadn’t previously been to the venue, or who hadn’t been there recently. To date, no infections have been conclusively traced back to the venue."

The second semi-final takes place Friday 21 May at 5:00am AEST which is available on SBS with the show also available on SBS On Demand.


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