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Didirri releases his highly anticipated sophomore EP ‘Sold for Sale’

Didirri has just released his highly anticipated sophomore EP ‘Sold for Sale’ featuring seven songs including his emotive ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ entry ‘Raw Stuff’.

His touching performance of ‘Raw Stuff’, during which he accompanied himself on the piano at this years ‘Australia Decides’, saw Didirri secure 4th place in the national final as well as a legion of new fans.

‘Sold for Sale’ also features four previously released tracks, including his critically acclaimed ‘Blue Mood Rising’, ‘Don’t fight with what you’re fighting for’, ‘The Critic’ and ‘Loose Belt Drive’.

His new EP was recorded in various locations and using various media: in Los Angeles, in Geelong, at home and over Zoom. Didirri also revealed that a lot of the inspiration for this new EP came from the Australian band Powderfinger, particularly the hit 2000 album ‘Odyssey Number Five’.

Over the last month Didirri has been busy on his 'The Critic - Virtual World Tour’. The last show of his tour is on tonight for his Australian audience. He will transport fans from their living rooms to a bespoke space, the audio we deserve, a live music experience for those yearning for a real-life show.

The show starts at 7:30pm AEST. Tickets are still available and are ‘pay what you want’. Get your tickets here:

Also at 1.00pm AEST today DIdirri will be hosting a vinyl pressing party where your invited to watch 100 of Didirri’s new EP pressed on vinyl with Didirri. You can catch it here:

Didirri - ‘Sold for Sale’ EP


1. Sold for Sale

2. The Critic

3. Loose Belt Drive

4. Blue Mood Rising

5. Raw Stuff

6. Don’t fight with what you’re fighting for

7. Strange

‘Sold for Sale’ is now available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Physical copies on vinyl and CD are available online here.


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