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Details revealed about Bulgaria's selection process

The titles of Victoria's six potential songs to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision in Rotterdam this year were announced overnight, along with some all-important details regarding the selection process.

The title of the songs are:

  • 'Imaginary Friend'

  • 'Growing Up is Getting Old'

  • 'Dive Into Unknown'

  • 'Phantom Pain'

  • 'The Funeral Song'

  • 'UGLY CRY'

The first of these songs, 'Imaginary Friend', will be released on February 14 (most likely February 15 here in Australia). Five of these songs (all apart from 'UGLY CRY') will be a part of Victoria's new EP, 'A Little Dramatic'.

'UGLY CRY' was the first of these songs to be released, coming out over two months ago, and already garnering more than 230,000 views on YouTube.

In regards to the release of 'Imaginary Friend', and the upcoming release of her new EP, Victoria said:

"There are less than 3 days until the release of the first song from my EP, “a little dramatic”. I am proud that I can finally share my new music with the world. This would be impossible without iCard, BNT and Ligna, who for a second year are making my Eurovision journey possible. I am grateful for the support of my amazing team. We had the ambitious task to release not one, but 5 new songs and I hope people will enjoy them."

After the five new songs have been released to the public, an online platform will be launched which will allow Eurovision fans to leave comments and feedback regarding the six potential songs.

This will form a part of Bulgaria's selection process, while they also receive feedback from experts in music, radio and Eurovision before making their final decision. A date has yet to be set for the announcement.

Victoria was chosen internally as Bulgaria's representative for Eurovision 2021. She had previously been internally selected for Eurovision 2020 with her song 'Tears Getting Sober' which was one of the favourites for Rotterdam last year.

Will one of these six receive the same hype? We will have to wait and see!


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