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Blåsemafiaen take out the first Melodi Grand Prix semi-final

This morning saw the first semi-final of Norway's national final Melodi Grand Prix for 2021, with Blåsemafiaen featuring Hazel winning the semi final with their song ‘Let Loose’.

The group defeated one of the fan favourites Stina Talling with her song ‘Elevate’ in the Gold Duel.

Just like in 2020, the semi-final featured two duels, with the winner progressing through to the final head-to-head battle.

In the earlier duels, it was a battle of the female soloists as Stina Talling taking on and beating Beady Belle.

This left Jorn and Blåsemafiaen featuring Hazel to battle it out in the second duel, with the eventual semi-final winner taking out one of the early favourites going into today's show.

There were no crowds at the show in Oslo due to the pandemic, but instead of crowds there were interviews with loved ones of the competing artists.

Fans were also treated to performances of two of the artists that have already pre-qualified for the final. They were Tix and the fan favourites KEiiNO.

Blåsemafiaen featuring Hazel now go on to the final on 20th February, joining Tix and KEiiNO and the other pre-qualified artists there.

Semi-final two is next Sunday morning 24th January Australian time, with the artists competing announced tomorrow.


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