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Australian reality shows and Eurovision - who comes out on top?

Since Australia's debut in 2015, six artists have been chosen to represent Australia at Eurovision, five at Junior Eurovision while another 18 have taken part in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'.

Many of those artists had their beginnings in some of Australia's biggest reality shows - Australian Idol, The X Factor Australia, The Voice Australia or Australia's Got Talent

But which one comes out on top? We did some analysis and have our rankings from 4th to 1st:

4th - Australia's Got Talent

Four artists have a connection to the Got Talent series, however unfortunately no artist has made it on to the Eurovision Stage.

Artists and their results:

  • Mitch Tambo - 5th at Australia Decides, finalist AGT

  • Mark Vincent - 7th at Australia Decides, Winner of AGT 2009

  • Jack Vidgen - 8th at Australia Decides, Winner of AGT 2011

  • Jordan Ravi - 10th at Australia Decides, Judge's Cuts at America's Got Talent 2019

The best result from an artist was Mitch Tambo's 5th place at the 2020 edition of Australia Decides. In a positive for the series, two of their former champions in Mark Vincent and Jack Vidgen have taken part.

3rd - The Voice Australia

Although The Voice Australia has the most total artists connected to Eurovision, only one artist has made it to Eurovision (and not for Australia). So with that record it just falls below other reality shows.

Artists and their results:

  • Anja Nissen - 17th at Eurovision 2017 (for Denmark), 1st on The Voice Australia 2014

  • Zaachariaha Fielding (Electric Fields) - 2nd at Australia Decides, 4th on The Voice Australia 2014

  • Alfie Arcuri - 5th at Australia Decides (songwriter for Cyprus 2020), 1st on The Voice Australia 2016

  • Aydan - 6th at Australia Decides, 4th on The Voice Australia 2018

  • Diana Rouvas - 7th at Australia Decides, 1st on The Voice 2019

  • Jack Vidgen - 8th at Australia Decides, Semi finalist on The Voice 2019

However the show's record is still impressive, former winner Anja Nissen represented Denmark at Eurovision in 2017, Zaachariaha (as part of duo ZK) from fan favourite Electric Fields was a finalist the same year as Anja while two former champions from the series Alfie Arcuri and Diana Rouvas had very solid results at Australia Decides.

Additionally former Eurovision competitor, Johnny Manuel for Bulgaria (Equinox - 'Bones') in 2018, finished runner-up on the show this year.

If it came to Junior Eurovision though, The Voice wins hands down. Three of the five JESC artists are from the show, both the kids and the regular series. It is the only series to have a Junior Eurovision representative.

Junior Eurovision artists and results

  • Alexa Curtis - 5th Junior Eurovision 2016, 1st The Voice Kids 2014

  • Bella Paige - 8th Junior Eurovision 2015, 2nd The Voice 2018, 2nd The Voice Kids 2015

  • Jordan Anthony - 8th Junior Eurovision 2019, 4th The Voice 2019

2nd - The X Factor Australia

Although The X Factor has the best Eurovision result with Dami Im and the best average Eurovision position (5.5), it's overall impact has been a little less.

Artists and their results:

  • Dami Im - 2nd Eurovision, 1st X Factor Australia 2012

  • Isaiah Firebrace - 9th Eurovision, 1st X Factor Australia 2016

  • Michael Ross (Electric Fields) 2nd Australia Decides, X Factor Australia Home Visits 2013

  • Zaachariaha Fielding (Electric Fields) 2nd Australia Decides, Auditions X Factor 2011

  • Leea Nanos - 9th Australia Decides, Auditions X Factor 2016

The records of Dami and Isaiah speak for themselves, but unfortunately no other Eurovision related artists made it to the live shows on the X Factor. This pulls their record down a little, to fall just behind our winner.

1st - Australian Idol

The original and for this list, the best. Two Eurovision artists and two high finishing Australia Decides contestants.

Artists and their results:

  • Guy Sebastian - 5th Eurovision 2015, 1st Australian Idol 2003

  • Jessica Mauboy - 20th Eurovision 2018, 2nd Australian Idol 2006

  • Casey Donovan - 2nd Australia Decides, 1st Australian Idol 2004

  • Courtney Act - 4th Australia Decides, Wildcard round Australian Idol 2003

Although The X Factor had better results, Australian Idol also had two Eurovision artists plus two household names from the show names finishing high in Australia Decides.

It just gets the edge over The X Factor because of the depth of their results....

Australian Idol is returning to screens in 2022 so it could bring even more success in the future. However, all other shows will continue to be a breeding ground for new talent that we hope we'll see on the stage at Australia or Decides in years to come.


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