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Australia Decides 2020 - European Fan Press Jury result

Earlier this week we gave you the results of our online poll and our mock 'music jury' to see what songs are working for different people.

Today we wanted to turn our attention to Europe. We went out to five different people representing five different countries who are part of the Eurovision fan press.

We asked for their ful lranings of the songs with comments for the top three. Here are the results.

Albania - ESC Albania - Roni Klein @ESCAlbania

12 points - Vanessa Amorosi - 'Lessons of Love'

"I like this song, sounds like Adele is singing a catchy Rihanna song. Of course, this needs to be seen live, but Australians has shown that they actually can make them even better when performing live."

10 points - Jack Vidgen - 'I Am King I Am Queen'

"Great vocalist, great production, fantastic package. I could have easily given it 12, but I liked Lessons of Love a little more."

8 points - Jordan Ravi - 'Pushing Stars'

"This song reminds me of a Swedish entry (Robin Stjernberg - You. ESC 2013), but I like this one way better. Maybe it is because of his great vocals."

7 - Diana Rouvas

6 - iOTA

5 - Mitch Tambo

4 - Casey Donovan

3 - Jaguar Jonze

2 - Didirri

1 - Montaigne

Belgium - - Gunther and Joël @Songfestival_be

12 points - Vanessa Amorosi - 'Lessons of Love'

"Pop music at it’s best. The sound fits Eurovision, her voice lifts the song. Bridge and chorus sticks with you. It builds to a nice climax with that modulation in the end of the song. Out of all ten songs this has the most potential to do well with fans in Europe."

10 points - Jack Vidgen - 'I Am King I Am Queen'

"Very contemporary, playing on a theme that’s very accurate in this time. His tone is gentle yet it grabs you by the throat. The lyrics are on point and inspirational. That high note is making the song complete. Probs for the backings, hopefully they get a spot in the staging."

8 points - Mitch Tambo - 'Together'

"Catchy chorus, loving the traditional language and sounds. Even if it sounds traditional it is still very modern. Great voice. Only (little) issue with this song is that is not really going anywhere near a climax. Still very good song. "

7 - Jordan-Ravi

6 - Diana Rouvas

5 - Montaigne

4 - Casey Donovan

3 - Didirri

2 - Jaguar Jonze

1 - iOTA

United Kingdom - ESCInsight - Ellie @ellie_made

12 points - Jaguar Jonze - 'Rabbit Hole'

"Fabulously cool, with an atmosphere of danger and menace. Reminds me a bit of the early noughties craze for making bootlegs of pop vocals on guitar band backing tracks. Also JJ is such a sweetie and I can't sit on a chair properly either."

10 points - Montaigne - 'Don't Break Me'

"There's a number of impressive vocal showcases in the selection, but this is the most modern sounding and least Sia-derivative of them. Montaigne is such a good artist, I want the best for her."

8 points - Casey Donovan - 'Proud'

"It's not my usual big ballady thing but there's something about this song and Casey's warmth that means it'll have me in absolute bits every time by May."

7 - Mitch Tambo

6 - Didirri

5 - Vanessa Amorosi

4 - iOTA

3 - Diana Rouvas

2 - Jordan-Ravi

1 - Jack Vidgen

Ireland - Eurovision Ireland - Garrett Mulhall @EurovisionIrela

12 points - Vanessa Amorosi - 'Lessons of Love'

" ‘Absolutely Everybody’ should and I think will love this reintroduction to Vanessa Amorosi. She looks and sounds amazing and you know that a song so vocally challenging as ‘Lessons in Love’ is in a safe pair of hands with her. The song itself sounds like the love child of a Sia and Destiny’s Child affair with a belter of a chorus that you are into within the first 30 or so seconds of the song. While some Eurovision ballads lack impact in the verse, this one doesn’t as the rhythmic pace of the lyrics grabs you and doesn’t let go. Based on the studio versions of the 10 finalists this song is in a league of its own and I think this - if staged to an inch of its life - could challenge for a top 5 place in Rotterdam. So pay attention in school and learn your ‘Lessons in Love’ Australia."

10 points - Mitch Tambo - 'Together'

"Yes it’s a tad trite and contrived with the sentiment of the song - sure look at the tag lines for Eurovision itself of late - sugarly sweet that could tip a diabetic like myself over the edge - but with Mitch Tambo’s song he balances it all out with great Aboriginal sounds and flavors which I love. It has that universal feel good vibe that will resonate with enough people from Iceland to Russia and from Norway to Malta. The song lends itself to dramatic staging if Aussie TV are willing to foot the bill. Would make the final in Rotterdam with ease."

8 points - iOTA - 'Life'

"Ok - I’m taking a leap of faith into the unknown here with iOTA. This is like that Aussie classic Marmite/Veggiemite you’ll either love it or hate it and this will either be pure magic on stage or people will be rubbernecking looking at this train wreck. Judging from the preview video (filmed in a closet and ending with - and not for the first time at Eurovision a bare (not Bear) Aussie bum being on show - this will be remembered for sure. The song reminds me of Mika’s classic ‘Grace Kelly’ and that’s a good thing. iOTA then wants to pair that up with an image straight from The Cure’s videography where ‘Love Cats’ is the inspiration. Look this is a quirky song from a quirky singer and if he can manage to get the right amount quirk on the night I’d happily sing this song in Rotterdam. However in a live performance this will either soar like the Starship Enterprise or Sink like the Titanic with no Celine Dion there to throw a life vest for rescue. But you gotta love iOTA for not giving one iOTA about being out there and giving us something different! "

7 - Jaguar Jonze

6 - Montaigne

5 - Jordan-Ravi

4 - Didirri

3 - Casey Donovan

2 - Diana Rouvas

1 - Jack Vidgen

Sweden - QX Schlagerprofilerna - Ken and Ronny @Schlagerprofil

12 points - Montaigne - 'Don't Break Me'

"In an ocean full of bland ballads, this one at least felt a bit raw and emotional. And also a bit of Florence and the Machine, which is never a bad thing."

10 points - Vanessa Amorosi - 'Lessons of Love'

"The Sia-force is strong with this one, and if she can handle this live it would probably go down well in Eurovision."

8 points - Jordan-Ravi - 'Pushing Stars'

"The chorus is a bit of a disappointment, but a cute guy with a (enough) of a catchy pop song has never killed someone."

7 - Jaguar Jonze

6 - Mitch Tambo

5 - Jack Vidgen

4 - iOTA

3 - Casey Donovan

2 - Didirri

1 - Diana Rouvas

Greece - OGAE Greece - Krikor Kevorkian @OGAEGreece

12 points - Mitch Tambo - 'Together'

"Well, I think that the song “Together” is the best choice for Australia. It’s a really good song, his voice is warm and nice plus I love the use of the Gamilaraay language and the traditional elements. It’s something unique and special."

10 points - Jaguar Jonze - 'Rabbit Hole'

"Let’s be honest, this is not a typical Eurovision entry but it’s a masterpiece and it can turn to a massive radio hit after the contest. It’s something different, something that Australia can present to Europe and it may be kind of risk but that’s the point of the whole contest. I really can’t wait to see it on stage."

8 points - Diana Rouvas - 'Can We Make Heaven'

The song may not be “THE ONE” but Diana’s voice is so damn powerful and that’s a fact. Love the kind of gospel backing voices – guess on the live they should be more so the stage can be full. Not a bad choice at all.

7 - Montaigne

6 - Casey Donvovan

5 - Didirri

4 - Vanessa Amorosi

3 - Jordan-Ravi

2 - Jack Vidgen

1 - iOTA

So now the important overall tally....

  • Winner: Vanessa Amorosi - 'Lessons of Love' - 55 points

  • 2nd: Mitch Tambo - 'Together' - 48 points

  • =3rd: Jaguar Jonze - 'Rabbit Hole' - 40 points

  • =3rd: Montaigne - 'Don't Break Me' - 40 points

  • 5th: Jordan-Ravi - 'Pushing Stars' - 32 points

  • 6th: Jack Vidgen - 'I Am King I Am Queen - 29 points

  • 7th: Casey Donovan - 'Proud - 28 points

  • 8th: Diana Rouvas - 'Can We Make Heaven' - 27 points

  • 9th: iOTA - 'Life' - 24 points

  • 10th: Didirri - 'Raw Stuff - 22 points

So there we have it Vanessa Amorosi wins our European Fan Press poll after also winning the European Fan Online poll.

But will she get the ticket to Rotterdam? Tune in on Saturday 8:30pm (AEDT) to find out.

You can also see what we had to say about all 10 acts with our own rankings in our Australia Decides Song Review Podcast Series.

They are 10 bite-size episodes going through each song and artist with our own rankings plus the views and placings from the whole Aussievision team.

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