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UK You Decide - 'Normal' jury results

Ok so our 'normal' jury, which is made up of non-fandom folk, have watched and listened to the two fan favourites from UK's You Decide (determined by voting on My Eurovision Scoreboard app). And these were:

Asanda 'Legends' ' vs RAYA 'Crazy'

and the winner is...


8 votes to 3

Comments on Legends

  • Really contemporary and relevant even though it does sound like you only paid Sia half her normal rate to write it

  • This is very, very catchy!! I think the whole "we gonna be legends tonight" plays well to a live audience

  • Better pick of the 2 if I was forced to vote.

  • I loved the tribal sounds of “Legends”, but felt it fell a little bit short after the intro

  • feels like it is trying to cash in on the tropical pop sensation with a reggae twist, but it doesn't quite land.

  • Asanda says we are legends tonight but I say this more passing notoriety.

  • What do people have against diction. I can't hear a word she's singing.

  • Its definitely a grower and the chorus is nice and catchy. She's got a really good voice and I think she'll do quite well.

  • I quite enjoyed it. The lyrics were crap but the best and tune was fun

  • Legends has a great intro and a fun beat, but it all gets pretty tedious before the song ends. And the bridge is a bit grating

  • I’m choosing Legends because the singer’s voice seemed unique and a bit stronger but I wasn’t blown away by the song.

Comments on Crazy

  • Crazy stuck in my head, and I can totally see how at the chorus all the Eurovision drama and lights can happen.

  • Love the opening beat - a great attention getter to engage the audience again another great hook in the oooohhh ah that the crowd is sure to sing along to

  • Is it making me Crazy? no, but I am certainly excited

  • i like Crazy, just not as much. Doesn't give me what I want from a Eurovision song

  • This sounds like something that could be in the charts covered by Holly Valance.

  • Good song and it's catchy but I expected the song to build but it never did. It's very monotonous and dont think it would translate well to a live performance

  • Felt like it was an amateur 14 year old who's dad paid for her to produce a song.

Comments on standard overall

  • UK have seemed to have struggled for a few years now and won’t do any better if these are the entrants

  • I dont think either of them will be top ten

  • Neither set my world on fire or made me want to come back for another listen, and at one point I wondered if both songs were written by the same person.

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