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Annual Aussievision Awards

Forget the Glass Microphone, the real awards are here! We've put our heads together and decided on our winners in our chosen categories of the first Annual Aussievision Awards.

Best Vocal

Gold: Netherlands

Silver: Poland

Bronze: Albania

Worst Vocal

Gold: Montenegro

Silver: Spain

Bronze: Israel

Best Staging

​​Gold: Azerbaijan

Silver: Moldova

Bronze: UK

Best Song

Gold: Portugal

Silver: Belgium

Bronze: Bulgaria/Australia (tie)

Best Dressed

Gold: Georgia

Silver: France Bronze: Estonia

Worst Dressed

Gold: Albania

Silver: San Marino

Bronze: Montenegro

Best Non-Qualifier

Gold: Estonia

Silver: Finland

Bronze: Georgia

Biggest Surprise

Gold: Moldova's third

Silver: Finland's non-qualification

Bronze: Australia Top 10

Biggest Flop

Gold: Italy outside the top 5

Silver: Israel in 23rd

Bronze: San Marino only 1 point in Semi Final

Best Male

Gold: Portugal

Silver: Bulgaria

Bronze: Croatia/Hungary

Best Female

Gold: France

Silver: Armenia

Bronze: Belgium

Best Duo

Gold: Belarus

Silver: Finland

Bronze: Romania

Best Group

Gold: Netherlands

Silver: Moldova

Bronze: Latvia

Personality Award

Gold: Austria

Silver: Bulgaria

Bronze: UK/Australia (tie)

Best use of Prop

Gold: Sweden (treadmills)

Silver: Ireland (hot air balloon)

Bronze: Austria (moon)

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