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Why Angus Brill Reed should compete at 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'

Photo credit: Angus Brill Reed (Facebook)

Now that the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest season is well and truly over, we are starting to look forward to 2023, and in particular to whom Australia should send as our representative next year.

Here at Aussievision, some of our team members have been advocating for Australian artists who they think would be great choices to compete at the 2023 edition of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'.

Today, let us introduce you to Angus Brill Reed, who might be familiar to keen observers of Australia Decides over the years.

Angus has now twice come close to making it to the national final stage on the Gold Coast! He was shortlisted and featured on the show in 2019 and 2022, and during that time the young singer-songwriter has been developing his sound and creating music that blends commercial pop with feel-good EDM energy.

We think it is high time that Angus gets to perform at Australia Decides 2023!

Who is Angus Brill Reed?

Angus Brill Reed is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and producer from Adelaide, South Australia.

Photo credit: Angus Brill Reed

He is a multi-instrumentalist who started learning the guitar at the age of 5 before beginning piano lessons the following year.

In his teenage years, he gained public recognition for his performance in an opera about the missing Beaumont children in Adelaide.

At just 12 years old, he wrote the song ‘Future Me’ which went on to win a national song writing competition.

Now aged 18, Angus plays the guitar, bass, piano, drums, trumpet, violin and synths, and also writes, produces and sings all of his songs. He has a back catalogue of over 200 self-penned tracks.

Recently the young talent created Deep House Records, which is inspired by artists like MEDUZA, Chris Lake, James Hype and Diplo. When Angus isn’t studying or playing sports he DJs at various venues and clubs in his spare time.

His experience on the stage, vocal performances at gigs and DJ skills give him the experience he would need to compete at Australia Decides and possibly represent Australia at Eurovision.

Shortlisted for ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ 2019 and 2022

Every year SBS and Blink TV receive hundreds of songs from artists, songwriters and musicians for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'. The entries are submitted via an online portal, with less than a dozen ultimately being selected for Australia's Eurovision national final.

Since the inaugural Australia Decides in 2019, SBS has revealed the songs that made the shortlist, including Angus' entries. Angus’ fun, catchy pop track ‘Small Stuff’ is a self-written number that was released when he was just 14 years old. It was produced and mixed by Angus along with Darren Mullan and mastered by ARIA winner Peter Holz.

Angus would go on to be shortlisted again for Australia Decides three years later in 2022 with his song 'Start At The End'.

During the related segment of the show, Angus said:

"I've grown a lot since I was shortlisted in 2019. My music is much more dance focused now. This track 'Start At The End' is great for Eurovision. It's positive, it's upbeat, it's got that anthemic feel. I really hope you enjoy it."

‘Start At The End’ was again composed by Angus, who also co-produced the song with Peter Holz. It was originally written and recorded back when Angus was a mere 13 years of age.

The young singer-songwriter has collaborated with the ARIA-winning Peter Holz (a multi-platinum-selling mixer, producer and songwriter based in Sydney, New South Wales) on both of his Australia Decides-shortlisted songs.

Voyager and Jude York previously featured in the 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2020 segment of the shortlisted entries and went on to compete two years later. As Angus has now featured twice (the only artist to achieve this feat) we think it’s now time he got his shot as a competing artist!

Songwriting and composer achievements

Angus has received considerable recognition for his musical talents.

He has won the title ‘South Australian Young Pop Composer Of The Year’ two years in a row.

In 2020 he won the EDM Electronic Dance Music Category in the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest with his entry ‘Cutting Corners’.

That same year, he made it into the Top Ten songs of the Australian Songwriting Awards with his track ‘Gone’.

In 2021 Angus was also shortlisted at the International Songwriting Competition from over 21,000 entries. He ultimately received an honourable mention for his song ‘I Can’t Let It Go’ in the EDM category. He was also a finalist in the under-18s category with his song ‘Start At The End’.

Despite being a young performer in the industry, Angus has enjoyed a lot of success already. He is determined and self-driven, having mostly recorded and mixed his music in his bedroom before collaborating with Australian producers.

‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ hasn’t just been a show which selects Australia’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest; it has also proven to be a great platform to showcase fresh young singer-songwriters and introduce them to a broader audience in Australia and around the world, making it a perfect launchpad for Angus.

So will we see Angus Brill Reed at Australia Decides? Who knows?

But we can surely expect bigger things from this multi-award-winning, talented young artist.

You can follow and discover more music by Angus Brill Reed via:

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